Jelly Roll race quilt – with a spin (+ giveaway!)


Got Jelly Rolls or other fabric strips? How about a sizeable stash? Do you have fabrics you simply don’t care for anymore?

What would you say if you could sew those fabrics into a beautiful quilt top in just a couple of hours?

Sew Slice Spin and SashWe know what you’d say: sign me up!

Designer Theresa Ward has invented a way to put all of your fabrics—yep, even that awkwardly folded, dusty stack that’s never touched your rotary mat—to fabulous use. FAST.

Simply follow her four Ss to success: sew, slice, spin, and sash!

The quilts in Sew, Slice, Spin, and Sash are made with strips only, so they’re perfect for beginners and quilters who have a need for speed. Turn out tons of different quilts with one basic technique. You can use strips of any width too—they’ll all work in Theresa’s patterns!

Glue-basting-technique<<< Theresa’s got another quick trick up her sleeve: get ready to stow away that seam ripper when you use her glue-basting technique. Sew perfectly straight seams every time.

Ready to meet Theresa and hear more about her ingenious ideas? She’s our guest writer at Stitch This! today—welcome, Theresa!
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Theresa-WardAll I wanted to do was get rid of some of the stash I had in my sewing room. I had a plan, but that plan wasn’t well thought out, so I had to make a change. The change I made led me to writing Sew, Slice, Spin, and SashWithin a few weeks, I’d put a huge dent in my stash.

I started out with a bundle of black and white precut strips. I started sewing them together in no particular order, thinking I would just add a border to the quilt top when I was done. After sewing the strips together, I realized my quilt top was too long and not wide enough. Feeling frustrated, I tried to think of a way to make it work. The steps I came up with—sewing, slicing, spinning, and sashing—mixed up the prints, widened the quilt, and gave the design more pizzazz. Plus, I felt great about using up those precut strips, as well as some yardage!
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Black and White

I wondered if I could use yardage to get the same outcome. Sure enough, I tried it and it worked. In less than two hours I had the fabric cut, the quilt top pieced, and I was ready to add borders to the Cardinals quilt.
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I was having way too much fun with this! Once I figured out that I could use bigger cuts of fabric, I started looking at my stash in a whole new way. One of my favorite quilts is made using two of the same print—one with a light background and the other with a dark background. I’d had that fabric sitting around for years and never could decide what to do with it. I was so happy to finally make it into a quilt.
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The bigger the pieces, the faster your quilt goes. That’s one of the nice things about this approach. I’ve taught the sew-slice-spin-and-sash technique in workshops and my students are always amazed at how quickly their quilts go together.
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For prints that you really like and don’t want to cut up, here’s a quilt that keeps bigger sections intact to show off special fabric. This design uses the same technique as all the other quilts, but it looks so different.
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These are the fastest quilts I’ve ever made. If you want to put a dent in your stash or if you need to make a quick quilt, add Sew, Slice, Spin, and Sash to your library of quilt books.

See more of Theresa’s speedy, strippy quilts >

Sew Slice Spin and SashThanks for sharing the story behind Sew, Slice, Spin, and Sash with us, Theresa—what a fun “spin” of events that must’ve been!

What dominates your fabric stash: strips, scraps, or yardage? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the Sew, Slice, Spin, and Sash eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

Can’t wait to start sewing and slicing, spinning and sashing? Buy the book today and instantly download the eBook for free. Or buy the eBook by itself for just $11.99.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Kathy, who says:

“Yardage is what I have, but pre-cuts are running a close second. They are like candy in the quilt shop.”

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