How to make a strip quilt from scraps: 54 ways (+ tip)

Jelly Rolls, yardage, scraps, you name it—Kim Brackett will help you make a striking strip quilt from it!

Quilts from Scrap-Basket Sensations

From Scrap-Basket Sensations

Kim’s one-of-a-kind approach to strip quilting has turned all of her books into best-sellers. It’s easy to understand why. Quilters love her triangle-free piecing techniques—they make sewing so easy. And her scrap-happy color choices are infectious. They’ll inspire you!

But most of all, quilters love how Kim uses strips in magical ways. In her books you’ll find:

Strips that spin:


“Irene’s Vexation” from Scrap-Basket Beauties
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Strips that sparkle:

“Sparkler” from Scrap-Basket Sensations
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Even strips that’ll have you seeing stars!

“Bali Sea Star” from
Scrap-Basket Surprises

Got more scraps than strips? No worries. Kim’s tip below will help you transform your scraps into strips ready for piecing with a simple zip-zip of your rotary cutter.

Cutting 2½" Strips from Scraps

Excerpted from Scrap-Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett

First, iron scraps to remove any wrinkles. To even up fabric for cutting, place a fabric scrap on your cutting mat so that the longest edge is vertical. Place your ruler on the fabric scrap near the right edge, following the grain line of the fabric and making sure that any uneven edges extend beyond the ruler.

If it’s difficult to determine where the grain line is, you may find it helpful to turn the scrap wrong side up. It’s often easier to see the threads in the fabric from the wrong side.

Cut along the right side of the ruler to trim off the uneven edges. Rotate your cutting mat 180° so that the straightened edge is now on your left. Place the 2½" mark of the ruler on the straightened edge of the fabric; then cut along the right side of the ruler.


Continue to make cuts in 2½" increments across the fabric. To save time, cut up to four or five scraps at once. Place the largest scraps on the bottom and keep cutting until you run out of fabric. Save the leftover “strings” (pieces narrower than 2½") for making string-pieced quilts.

Poof—from scraps to strips!

Now that you can turn scraps into strips with a flick of the wrist, you can recreate Kim’s strip quilts with your favorite colors and prints. Take a look at these beautiful strip quilts from Kim’s books—be sure to click on an image to see all 18 projects in each book.

Scrap-Basket Surprises
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Scrap-Basket Beauties
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Scrap-Basket Sensations

Your precuts, your yardage, or your scraps: which could you squeeze the most strips out of? Tell us in the comments!


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