How to make a quilt sleeve—quick! (video)

Mary hanging quilts at Quilt Market
Mary Burns, marketing coordinator, readying quilts to hang in the Quilt Market booth, Fall 2012.

Your quilt is finished—and you want the whole world to see it! Beyond a bed, a perfect place to show off a quilt you’re proud of is on a wall. No matter the size, quilts on walls instantly offer a beauty and coziness that can rival any canvas or photograph. Quilts on walls can even help insulate a room and cut down on sound distortion. Leave it to a quilt to be both beautiful and practical!

How to Make a Hanging SleeveSo, how do you hang a quilt on the wall, anyway? To protect, secure, and show off your quilt, use a hanging sleeve for quilt display. If you haven’t bound your quilt yet, you can add a permanent sleeve to the back of your quilt (download our free “How to Make a Hanging Sleeve” instructions from our How to Quilt page). But what if your binding is already sewn? No problem. There’s another way that’s quick, easy…and totally temporary!

Mary BurnsOur marketing coordinator, Mary Burns (right), is the organizational powerhouse behind our twice-yearly journeys to Quilt Market, where we display lots of quilts for a very short time. Occasionally, a quilt that needs to hang in the booth doesn’t have a hanging sleeve. Does that ruffle Mary’s feathers? No way! That’s because she’s got a quick quilt-hanging technique up her…well, sleeve! Let Mary show you how to quickly get a quilt ready for a wall in our latest how-to video.

Watch the “How to Make a Quilt Sleeve” video on YouTube

Thanks for explaining how the pros do it, Mary!

Can you tell the difference between the sewn-in quilt sleeves and the safety-pin sleeves?

Quilt Market booth 1
Quilt Market booth panning left (with account manager Dorothy and retired customer-service manager Chris)…

Quilt Market booth 2
Quilt Market booth panning right.

Neither can we!

For even more ideas, see this post about how to hang a quilt on a wall.

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