How to make a design wall (for quilting sanity): 3 easy ideas

You’ve just finished a pretty pile of quilt blocks—you’re ready to put your quilt top together! If you’ve ever tried to twist and turn blocks on the floor or on a table until they’re just right before you join them, you know it can be a hassle. Add a couple of kids breezing by and a pet who just wants to be near you, and all of a sudden your blocks are a jumble. If you remembered to snap a pic of your layout, you’re lucky!

There’s a better way to build your quilt top, and that’s by using a design wall. You can buy ready-made design walls, but they’re easy to DIY—so why not give it a try? Whether you want to make a design wall for small quilts or build one for bed-sized quilts, one thing we know for sure: once you start using a design wall, you’ll wonder how you ever quilted without it!

We’ve rounded up three step-by-step tutorials on how to make a design wall for quilting to make it easy for you to give it a try:

1. Install a permanent design wall with Christa Watson of Christa Quilts:

Christa attached her design surface to the wall with screws and decorative washers. (Actually, her sweet husband did that part!)

2. Use adhesive hanging strips to hang a design wall with Samantha of Aqua Paisley Studio:

Samantha’s tutorial offers ideas for a three-piece design wall and a larger one-piece wall.

3. Make a foldable, portable design wall with Becky of Patchwork Posse:

Becky’s way of making a design wall is super simple—once you have your supplies you can get it whipped up in an hour or less!

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How do you decide which blocks go where before you sew your quilt tops together?

  • Design wall all the way!
  • I use the floor—good exercise, right?
  • I lay out my blocks on a table.
  • I love making blocks . . . no quilt tops yet!

Tell us in the comments!

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