How to hand appliqué inside points (1 extra stitch)

How to hand applique inside points

Quilt and pillow from Beautiful BloomsHave you tried your hand at hand appliqué?

Hand appliqué can be a simple, relaxing way to sew. And if you’ve tried it, you’ve probably mastered the basics.

Straight lines? No sweat. Big curves? Can do.

But it’s the finer details—like sharp points and tight curves—that can give otherwise amazing appliqué motifs an amateur look. In fact, one of the trickiest areas to appliqué are inside points, which are often needle-teased to the point of fraying. It can be a stubborn spot to stitch!

Has the dreaded fraying happened to you? Be frazzled no more. Appliqué enthusiast Susan Taylor Propst knows all about those little bumps in the appliqué road, and her appliqué techniques can easily smooth them out.

Learn Susan’s method for stitching inside points below—just one extra stitch!—and you’ll be soaring past those points with ease.

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Beautiful BloomsHow to hand appliqué inside points

by Susan Taylor Propst, author of Beautiful Blooms

1. Stitch until you are close to the inside point, and then clip straight into the point, all the way up to the stitching line.

2. Gently use the length of the needle to turn under the seam allowance on the side that you’re stitching. Try to disturb the point as little as possible to keep the fabric from fraying.

3. Carefully appliqué up to the point. This is where a very fine needle comes in handy, because it’s less likely to split the fabric and cause fraying.

4. Take an additional stitch at the point, taking a slightly deeper bite into the appliqué fabric if necessary (no more than one thread’s width).

How to hand applique inside points

5. Gently turn under the fabric on the other side of the point and continue to appliqué.

STICKY TIP: A bit of fabric glue can keep fabric from fraying. Use a pin or needle to apply a small amount to problem areas, such as very sharp inside points. If you apply too much, the fabric becomes stiff and more difficult to fold. Allow glue to dry before attempting to appliqué the piece. Glue can change the appearance of fabric, so apply it only within the seam allowances.

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What’s your favorite way to appliqué: by hand, by machine, or by fusing—or does it depend on the project? Tell us in the comments!

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