How to finish a small quilt: tips from a “quirky” quilter (new video! 🎬)

Shoofly Sampler quiltYou’ve just finished a little quilt top—and it’s soooo darned cute!

Now maybe you’re wondering how to finish a small quilt with style. No worries—Quirky Little Quilts author Sheryl Johnson of Temecula Quilt Company has you covered from batting to binding.

We caught up with Sheryl at Fall Quilt Market so she could share her bounty of “little” tips with us, and with you! It all comes down to three simple steps:

  1. Baste the layers—Sheryl’s got a terrific idea for using an unusual batting so your small quilts stay soft and bendy (instead of stiff as a board).
  1. Quilt ’em together—learn Sheryl’s method for stress-free hand quilting—she makes it look so easy!
  1. Bind the edges—discover another awesome little tip for small-quilt binding in the video below. Take a look:

Reading this post in email? Click here to watch the video on Youtube.

Now that you’ve got a little how-to for finishing little quilts, why not make one with Sheryl? All you need is a few handfuls of your favorite scraps and your choice of Sheryl’s pretty patterns from Quirky Little Quilts:

Joyful Jumble quilt
Joyful Jumble

Patchwork Potpourri quilt
Patchwork Potpourri

T is for Temecula quilt
T is for Temecula

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How do you typically finish your small quilts?

  • Basting, hand quilting, and single-fold binding—just like Sheryl!
  • I usually machine quilt my small quilts.
  • No small quilts yet, but Sheryl’s are so sweet I may give one a try!

Share your methods in the comments—and be sure to follow Sheryl on Instagram (@temeculaquiltco) for more quirky fun!

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