Need to express it? Embellish it! (+ giveaway)

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Ah, the joy, the freedom, the fun of embellishing fabric—have you ever tried it on your quilts? It’s such an enjoyable way of expressing yourself. You can start small or dream big, adorn a little or a lot, and try any style, from fancy to funny. Plus, you can use just about anything you can glue or sew to fabric. The choices are completely up to you.

Oh—what’s that? Feeling a little timid about all that freedom? I hear you! The pathway to creative freedom always begins with the same question: “Where do I begin?” As with any journey, you need a little know-how (and a few supplies) before you begin. And we’ve got just the book for your creativity backpack.

Cheryl Lynch’s new book, Sew Embellished!, offers ideas for quick (we’re talking make-in-a-weekend quick) personalized projects and gifts that are both beautiful and meaningful. With themes celebrating family, love, and life, it’s the perfect go-to book when you want to create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special—which of course, includes yourself.

Once you have Cheryl’s techniques under your sewing belt, you can let your imagination—and your fabric, embellishments, and threads—run wild. Let’s take a look at excerpts from the book to see just a few of the textile embellishments that Cheryl covers.


Many quilters have a stash of fabric. I also have a stash of buttons. They tend to accumulate, whether they’re extra buttons that come with a new sweater, a button box inherited from a relative, or stray buttons found in the washing machine. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t keep and cherish my mother’s button tin. I didn’t know how much I would come to love buttons at the time of her death, and I don’t even know what happened to them. But I’m definitely making up for that loss with my own collection. Sort your buttons by color so the right button is easy to find when you need it.

I use buttons whether they have two holes or four. You can attach them by hand or machine, with the knot on the top or at the bottom. Any type of thread can be used. If the buttons are attached individually, make a double knot and use a drop of seam sealant, such as Fray Check, on the knot to keep the button from coming loose.


If it has a hole, you can put it on your quilt! There are no rules for adding embellishments to your project as long as the quilt isn’t meant to be used as a bed quilt or washed. If an object has a hole, it can be attached to fabric, as long as it’s not too big or too heavy for the fabric to bear. Even if it doesn’t have a hole, sometimes you can make a hole or figure out another way to attach the item.

Beads, pins, coins, keys, sequins—even hardware-store washers!—are up for grabs.


Trims are suitable not just for the top and bottom edges of a project. Trims such as ribbon, lace, and rickrack can be used in many areas on the surface of the quilt. They can be used alone or embellished with sequins, beads, and French knots. Trims come in so many colors, styles, widths, and materials that you’re sure to find one—new or vintage—to suit your project.


Cheryl also delves into embellishing with embroidery, polymer clay, threads, photos, words, and fabrics. She even shows you how to dress up the edges of your pieces. See projects from the book in the slideshow at the bottom of this post; note how Cheryl has beautified the edges of her work. Gorgeous!

I can’t end this post without showing you my favorite part of Cheryl’s book. She made five different versions of the same project, incorporating different techniques into each. Look at the variety of outcomes!

I’m inspired to start a little project of my own this weekend—how ’bout you?

Visit Cheryl’s website and blog.

So, what kind of embellishments do you have stashed away for whenever inspiration strikes? Share your story in the comments and you could win a copy of the Sew Embellished! eBook. We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you’ve won. (You can also get Cheryl’s book here, and when you do, you also get to download the eBook for free right away.) Good luck!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing to win the Sew Embellished! eBook. The randomly chosen winner is Sandy, who said:

“I save old earrings and jewelry from my mom. She also has given me my grandmother’s button collection. Tiny toys and keyrings from my sons when they were little. When my husband and I travel I find things like pieces of rusted metal, maps, napkins from restaurants. Leaves, pine cones and tiny rocks. Anything that will fit in my husband’s pockets at the time.”

Sandy, we’ll email you a special coupon code for your free eBook. Congratulations!


  • Every time I go to an antique store I am on the lookout for vintage buttons. I have a nice collection so far. I have also been collecting vintage rick rack. Just waiting for the perfect quilt. The book looks like a lot of fun stuff in it.

    Carrie P. on April 26, 2012
  • I have a special drawer and tool kit for embellishing — sari silk strips, buttons, ribbon, ric-rac, beads, more beads, Angelina fiber, paints, markers, and stamps. I even keep my fabric "crumbs" (itty bitty pieces of fabric) to make confetti to sandwich between two layers of misty fuse. Oh, and thread. You can even embellish with thread – even in 3-D!

    There are so many options out there for embellishing your quilts!

    Jean F on April 26, 2012
  • What a neat idea to use washers as embellishments! My hubby is a carpenter, and I’m going to remember this. Hmmm – wonder what else in "his" department would work … (putting on my thinking cap!)

    —robin on April 26, 2012
  • Beads, embroidery floss, yarn, a few labels, some old lace, an Epson printer and tons of buttons are stashed here, there and everywhere so that I can play when inspiration strikes! Looking forward to delving into Cheryl’s new book! Congratulations, my friend!

    —Rolinda Brackbill on April 26, 2012
  • Hi there. I use lots of beads, buttons and ribbons to pretty up any project. Thanks for the chance to win this. It looks fantastic!

    Grace on April 26, 2012
  • I have buttons, lace, ribbon, even some bits of fabric ends, some old rick rack and now I’ll keep my eye out for whatever might catch my fancy!

    —Tracy on April 26, 2012
  • Oh, I hear you with Mom’s button tin. When Mom & Dad died I got the furniture and my Sister got Mom’s button tin, sewing machine, fabric, etc. Now I’m making up for lost time…..garage sales for buttons, etc.

    Janice Degraw on April 26, 2012
  • I have just the usual things, beads, yarns and the like, but I just got my grandmother’s old hand sewing basket and have a treasure trove of stuff and I don’t even know what the original purpose would have been.
    Just the cover of Cheryl’s book is inspiring me to go diving into my alternate items stash.

    —Cathy Kind on April 26, 2012
  • What don’t I have stashed away? That’s a better question. I have buttons, beads, bits of thread and yarn, copper and wire from old appliances that have died. I have roving and felt and all kinds of pretty little stones and seeds from trees and flowers. The list is endless and I need to use them up

    —Audrey on April 26, 2012
  • My most treasured embellishments are my buttons. I inherited all my mother’s buttons and some of those were probably from her mother. My great grandmother was a seamstress in Paris. Over the years people have given me the buttons from their button boxes. Each time I use one, it takes me back to the person who gave them to me.

    —Barbara Rucket on April 26, 2012
  • I’m always saving/collecting little bits of this and that. I love to collect beads and buttons but if something strikes my fancy I will grab it.

    Robin (RsIslandCrafts) on April 26, 2012
  • I have all kinds of beads, buttons, laces and trims, most of which I purchased at estate and yard sales, just waiting for the perfect projects. I’m sure this book would inspire me.

    —Marjory on April 26, 2012
  • Such wonderful little projects for gift-giving! Can’t wait to try adding some of my own bits and pieces!

    —Chris on April 26, 2012
  • I used to make beaded necklaces when I was a teen and I still have all the leftovers from that that are handy for current projects. Whenever any crafty type store is going out of business, I will go and look to see what "might be useful, someday". I have added lots of different things to my collection/stash thru this. The other day I needed something to add just that touch to a quilt project and found some flower shaped sequins that I had totally forgotten about and they worked well with what I was doing.

    —Marilyn Snow on April 26, 2012
  • I like to add some sparkle with specialty yarns and beads. I never throw anything away that I can use to embelish a hand-made project. No two are alike!

    Dustyroads on April 26, 2012
  • I started recently picking up "found objects"..a quick swipe thru a bowl of bleach and water, let them air dry and like Cheryl said figure out a way to attach if it didn’t have a hole to start with!! Interesting twigs, zipper pulls,eyeglass frames, window screen mesh…so far everything has been under 3 inches but…who knows what is next?

    —carol c d on April 26, 2012
  • I have all kinds of things to embellish with. I have never used them on a quilt, though. I mainly embellish bags…wallhangings(quilted); that sort of thing…But I am thinking about doing a crazy quilt, which would be a great place for my trims, buttons,,tassels..all kinds of goodies….

    marjorie on April 26, 2012
  • These are darling! I can’t wait to try that with the grandkids visit last month! We had some great pictures that I want to incorporate in to a wall hanging just like these here. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

    —Duane Wiley on April 26, 2012
  • I have been saving buttons from my kids clothes as they have grown out of their play clothes (or destroyed them, let’s be honest.) I don’t know what I’ll do with them yet, although the idea of a little wall quilt for their children someday has been wandering through my thoughts.

    —Darcey Peters on April 26, 2012
  • Buttons, ribbon, ric-rac, vintage trims and lace…what don’t I have stashed away for a one day project? I love to add that little something to a project to give it a personality.

    —Cathie in Ut on April 26, 2012
  • I love embellishments and have vintage buttons and beads that I have collected since I was in high school. I also have a collection of laces and trims that are from way back!

    Mary on Lake Pulaski on April 26, 2012
  • I have LOTS of buttons stored away. Just started buying lace and ric-rac. Would love to see other types of "embellishments" so, could sure use some inspiration! Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck, Everyone!! 🙂

    —Dawn Hollingsworth on April 26, 2012
  • My grandfather was a "rock hound’ and made amazing jewelry from agates and many other stones. I recently rediscovered a cache of his unmounted work, and I may try the shisha mirror embroidery technique to attach some to a wallhanging. Grandpa was extremely inventive — maybe I can be the same.

    —Tesuque on April 26, 2012
  • I save old earrings and jewelry from my mom. She also has given me my Grandmothers button collection. Tiny toys and keyrings from my sons when they were little. When my husband and I travel I find things like pieces of rusted metal, maps, napkins from restaurants. Leaves, pine cones and tiny rocks. Anything that will fit in my Husbands pockets at the time.

    Sandy Dunphy on April 26, 2012
  • I have a world class collection of buttons from about 5 or 6 different people, collected over the years, so I appreciate seeing all the ways that people are using them now. The book would be helpful in stimulating my imagination.

    —Linda E in AZ on April 26, 2012
  • I love embellishments on other people’s quilts, but seldom use them because I’m never really sure where or how to about it. I have a huge stash of buttons, ribbons, lace, sequins, etc. I just keep on collecting them though! Maybe if I win this, I can figure this out finally!!!

    —Karen Pollard on April 26, 2012
  • I have quite a collection of buttons that my mother and mother-in-law had. The book would give me ideas of what to do with them.

    —Debra on April 26, 2012
  • Coloured plastic bottle caps, scrapbooking items, any types of ribbons/trims, beer bottle caps, etc.

    —Pocahontas on April 26, 2012
  • I have all types of little bits and pieces, ribbons, buttons,beads stashed away.I have a beautiful wallhanging I made my grandsons for Christmas and I would love some ideas on how to embelish it. It just looks like it is missing something! Thank you

    Kate Brown on April 26, 2012
  • I have oodles of buttons, antique and modern. I also have beads and ribbons. Thanks for the chance to win.

    —Denise J. on April 26, 2012
  • Mostly I have beads, but also I have charms and polymer clay stashed away.

    Jennie P. on April 26, 2012
  • I have a multitude of buttons, charms, ribbons, cording, yarn, beads, you name it, I probably have it. The buttons, though, are my favorites as they are little pieces of "eye" candy which were an integral part of my apparel sewing and now becoming more a part of my quilting.

    —Laura Barnes on April 26, 2012
  • We have a family vacation coming up and I love the idea of the embellished family. I can’t wait to make one and hopefully win. YAY!!

    Lizzie W on April 26, 2012
  • I have buttons, beads, ribbons and braids all waiting to be used sometime. I have used a few beads and a little rick-rack on wallhangings already but I would welcome ideas and this book looks interesting.

    —Maureen on April 26, 2012
  • I have ribbon, lace, buttons, beads, and tiny rick rack. I love embellishing things.

    —Sherry Starr on April 26, 2012
  • I have only embellished one quilt so far, I used origami fabric butterflies. I suffer from the where-do-I-begin syndrome. But I have begun to collect and stash trinkets that I think might work someday: buttons, rick-rack, specialty threads, scrap book plastic letters, old jewelry pieces, polymer clay beads, washers (yes, even rusted ones-I’m sure they will be just the right embellishment somewhere), old keys and just recently I looked at the square white tab that comes on bread sacks and put it in my pocket to add to my stash. My grandson, 4 yrs old, asked what ya gonna do with that Grandma? Not really sure yet but I’m sure it will work on a quilt someday!

    —Barb Thompson on April 26, 2012
  • I have all sorts of beads and buttons that I loved to use. The most fun I have had is with Linda Lum DeBono’s group on Facebook called Inspired Workroom. I have used my beads in 2 of the monthly challenges!

    —Mary Ann Harpe on April 26, 2012
  • This should be an awesome book to own. I’m a crazy quilter extraordinaire. Simple as that, embellishment and me go together like peanut butter and bananas! I have buttons, zippers, lace, beads, metal bits, wood things, rick rack, custom made edging, yarn, threads, this and that and you can check out more of my work at my blog. Love to win this book, love to have visitors.
    All the best,

    Carli on April 26, 2012
  • Bits of old, broken jewelry are awaiting my imagination. Old doilies are nice too; even if they have a hole, you can use part of them.
    I have lots of the paper dolls from Mary Engelbreight magazines, and have used them on paper crafts. Now I am thinking about using them on fabric items too…Thank you.

    —Cyndy Ostrout on April 26, 2012
  • Lots of lace and buttons and rick rack and zippers! can all be found throughout my sewing room. There are drawers or boxes full of them.

    —Maria Kievit on April 26, 2012
  • I have my mother and grandmother’s button stash. Nothing was thrown out with buttons still attached. Many are beautiful. Just waiting to find a good way to display them, besides Mason jars.

    —Judy Smith on April 26, 2012
  • I’m a real hoarder and I save buttons, scraps – anything that I like the look of!! who knows when they will crop up in one of my quilts!!

    —Gill on April 26, 2012
  • Buttons, buttons and more buttons. Also many beads, ribbons, leftover speciality yarns, charms, threads, selveges from ends of fabrics, and whatever tiny objects I come along that I think I may be able to use.

    —Jean B on April 26, 2012
  • I love beads and buttons. When you add them to your quilts it gives them the extra touch.
    I stopped at garage sale and got "gold mine of buttons" buttons still on the cards for $3.00 (100 cards). What fun that collection has been. There was also was a garment factory in KC that sold the left over buttons. You had to be there when the doors open; thank heaven most people were after the sample clothes and not fabric and trims.

    —Linda C on April 26, 2012
  • Linda, I’m a garage-sale junkie myself–such an awesome find. Weather’s looking up, so I’ll be on the prowl to boost my own stash of buttons soon!

    —Jenny on April 26, 2012
  • I think I can sum up what I have as "All of the Above." Buttons galore, embroidery threads in every color, beads, old jewelry, beads with lettering, tassels, and materials to make my own of all of the above. Hey, I even have some shrink plastic waiting to be shrunk. I have it all. I tend to snap it up at rummage sales and thrift shops. Thing is, I’ve got this great stash, but I can’t seem to get myself started on using it, so this book would be a great kick start to a creative adventure.

    —Jusa on April 26, 2012
  • I too love garage sales and auctions, I go straight to any tins to see what is in them. And Mr. is doing the same, checks out for sewing goodies before the tools now. good man!!!Never have enough stash of anything.

    Jeanne from Missouri on April 26, 2012
  • Beads and buttons and ribbons oh my! All make wonderful additions to little quilts. What wonderful pizazz comes from such simple trinkets.

    —Kathy Gaines on April 26, 2012
  • I use old jewelry, beads, buttons, anything I can attach easily to a wall hanging, purse or other project. The scrap booking trinkets are fun to use, also. Thanks for the chance on this book. More inspiration is always welcome.

    Diane on April 26, 2012
  • I have beads, buttons, ribbons, doilies and lace waiting patiently to be stitched into one of my projects. Embellishing is the icing on the cake, the sparkle in the gem, and puts the e in "pretty"! 🙂

    —Joan Rodriguez on April 26, 2012
  • I have so many items stored up to us as embellishments. I have foil from used champagne bottles, candy wrappers, rusty pieces of metals and twigs from my walks, wrappers from fresh flowers, used dryer sheets (I have painted a few), dryer lint, magazine scraps for paper beads, thrift find jewelry and lace, ribbons from gift packages, BUTTONS and the most unusual and personal is my husbands curly beard hair to use in an art piece of his face. I have more, but that should give you an idea of my stash.

    Diana Bracy on April 26, 2012
  • I have a collection of buttons just waiting to be added to a quilt. I do save all sorts of things I find or buy in hopes of finding a use for them. And sometimes I do. The book looks like a great resource.

    —Judy Allen on April 26, 2012
  • I collect buttons. Love the photo of the heart with ivory buttons. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Becky in Georgia on April 26, 2012
  • I think I would have to clean my sewing room to find everything.
    I am not a true button fan but have my fairshare.I also have embellishments from the scrapebook department,papers,findings,beads,
    tags. Stickers,stamps,ribbons,crocheted snowflakes,silk flowers.
    OH my…

    —Darlene Joyner on April 26, 2012
  • I have tons of buttons, some vintage, some just rescued before a well worn blouse or slacks is retired forever. And I love to hand stamp small pieces of muslin with words or images and sew onto my quilting projects. Most recently I’m sewing on printed and handmade papers….to items that won’t be washed, like a brooch or small ornament.

    Patricia on April 26, 2012
  • I’ve used beads, buttons and ribbons to add novelty to quilts but I would love some new ideas and this book looks great! Thanks for the chance!

    —Michele T on April 26, 2012
  • I have button jars, ribbons and trims from presents, selvedges, bits of bling, and pretty fabric snippets. These are tucked away and saved for that "someday quilt", maybe a crazy quilt or art quilt that will never be washed and made just for me to have fun.

    —MarciaW on April 26, 2012
  • Oh, my – where to start – When I want to embellish quilts, I pull out beads, crystals, yarns, rick-rack, buttons, trims of all kinds, Shisha mirrors, pearl cotton, metallic threads and other kinds of threads, paints, Angelina fibers, Mica chips, glitter, embroidery, crochet or knit pieces, and so on and on and on. I love to embellish quilts – the sky’s the limit!

    —Lynnita on April 26, 2012
  • Like lots of other folks, I have lots of beautiful buttons, but I I have beads and charms that I love using. Another fun way to embellish is to felt wool roving onto a quilt, I have many beautiful colors of wool roving and this can add so much in the way of texture. Metallic and heavy specialty threads for machine or handsewing also works well.
    Thank you for the great give-away opportunity.

    —Sandra Chavez on April 26, 2012
  • I have buttons, ribbons, threads, yarns, old jewelry, glitters, beads and probably other things I don’t even know I have saved. I think Cheryl’s book is just the thing to get me going on embellished quilt projects.

    —Nancy Myers on April 26, 2012
  • Like most of you, I have jars and jars of buttons,sorted by colour and type. Also lots of ribbons, fibres, the list goes on – all are kept in a 5 drawer cabinet in my sewing room just waiting to be used.

    —Joy V on April 26, 2012
  • I have old jewelry from both my grandmothers that I am going to put on a quilt, along with some lace that one grandmother tatted herself. I haven’t come up with the final design yet because I keep moving beads and charms and buttons around!

    —Deborah Bright on April 26, 2012
  • I have a pretty good stash of buttons as well. I have them sorted by colour in a parts drawer cabinet. I also have lots of ribbons and lace. Some of the ribbons are patterned with things like puppy paws or butterflies and are just waiting for that special project.

    —Verna on April 26, 2012
  • I have buttons, beads, yarn, and scrap fabrics … all are used to embellish…

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

    sara on April 26, 2012
  • Several years ago I was wanting to make a vest for my daughter to go along with a skirt I made. First I took the lace from a dress which was no longer wearable. Then, I took scraps from the skirt. The lace & scraps were cut into squares and sewn together. This formed the "new fabric" for the vest. The vest pattern was laid on top and cut. I lined the vest with scraps from another project in such a way that the vest could be reversable. Plus, this provided needed backing for the lace. My daughter wore it until she outgrew it, and received complements every time it was worn.

    I’ve also used bits of ribbons, buttons, etc – especially when sewing costumes.

    —Marie on April 26, 2012
  • I have beads, ribbon, buttons, fabric, etc. This looks like a great book!

    —Ginger on April 26, 2012
  • I have a little of everything. My husband refers to me as a craft hoarder. I love beads and think they look beautiful on a quilt. The local quilt shop near me enlisted the help of the local bead shop and they made the most beautiful quilt together. The beads made everything pop. I would love to learn to do this.

    —holly on April 26, 2012
  • My grandmother was a Scot and she wasted nothing. Her granddaughter takes after her. I remember her cutting off the buttons from her house dresses before putting them in the rag bag. I saved a Ball jar full of them and have moved them from house to house for 30 years. I am making a Home Sweet Home applique quilt and making it my San Diego Quilt by addressing the houses as the homes my husband and I grew up in and our homes together. As I finish each block I pull out buttons for flowers and flower centers, for doorknobs and curtain pulls. I want to put as many of grandma’s buttons on that quilt as I possibly can as I transfer a jar of buttons into a neighborhood of memories.

    Elaine Swatniki on April 26, 2012
  • I have a cigar box stuffed with ribbons, a baseball card tin full of buttons and beads in another. There are charms that just happen and pearls for dress-up days. They may all end up on a quilt.

    —Pat Hersl on April 26, 2012
  • Looks like a fantastic book! I have a book of very old buttons that I would love to use on a wall hanging. Thanks for a chance!

    Connie Campbell on April 26, 2012
  • I love buttons & have inherited a couple wonderful button tins! Would love to give your ideas a try. Thanks for the chance to win.

    —Bobbi Palagi on April 26, 2012
  • I have a stash full of all kinds of trims: Buttons, ribbons, rick rack, laces, you name it. I need some inspiration to use them!

    —Judy Forkner on April 26, 2012
  • Everything is a possible embellishment! I’ve saved old CDs, pet tags, hotel keys, and all sorts of small novelty items. I haven’t quite figured out what I will do with it all yet, but when the inspiration hits, I’m ready.

    —Sandi Makowski on April 26, 2012
  • Besides tins of buttons, new and old – I keep a little ‘treasure’ box with odds and ends…pins, charms, beads and ‘what nots’ – you just never know when the ‘what not’ is just the perfect thing to add in a ‘what if’ moment. Am so excited about Cheryl’s new book…can not wait! Thanks

    Lynn on April 26, 2012
  • What a great book about embellishments. I love adding them to quilts,doing a Raggedy Anne and Andy quilt at the moment, added buttons instead of stitching hair etc.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.
    Happy days.

    Bev C on April 27, 2012
  • Cheryl’s book is amazing…..she shares so many valuable techniques and is a fantastic writer. Her step by step explanations with accompanying photos are an inspiration to give embellishments a try! A must have book for any quilter!

    —Hattie on April 27, 2012
  • I have collected beads, buttons, ribbon, threads for many years and now when our children the world they add to my collection with treasures from all over the world. Our grandchildren spend hours in my studio going through my collection and use some of too. Would love to have Cheryl’s book to inspire the use of some of the collection.
    Bev L.

    —Bev Longford on April 27, 2012
  • Cheryl is an inspiration and I can’t wait to use her book. I’ve taken a class from her and she is a wealth of information. Can I say pick me,pick me!
    Debbi F.

    —Debbi on April 27, 2012
  • I am a Cheryl Lynch wannabe. I would love to be her apprentice! Her new book has my creative juices flowing-I just need a little help to get started. I can’t wait to see what else is in the book! I have always collected all sorts of odds and ends that could be used for embellishing – vintage beads, buttons, lace, trims, doilie parts, pen springs, zipper tabs, clothing labels, "interesting broken stuff," Cracker Jack prizes and candy foils to name a few. My collections started with stringing buttons with my grandmother. I have enjoyed reading the comments from other people just like me! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

    —Sandy Day on April 27, 2012
  • There is and old wooden sewing box full of ribbons, buttons, lace, clothing labels,beads,and anything that caught my eye over 30 odd years in my sewing room. This book could be the catalyst to actually do something with this collection.

    —Deborah on April 27, 2012
  • This so inspires me. I have a collection of buttons plus I save the sheer fabric that comes on the flowers some time. There has to be something to use it on. This seems like the perfect project.
    Will be moving soon. But can’t wait to get the creative juices going.
    Thanks for the chance to win such an interesting book.

    —Cathy Rockwell on April 27, 2012
  • I try to add at least one button to every quilt I make, kind of like a signature thing. I have inherited buttons, found a button stash in an old house I owned once, gathered them from thrift stores and yard sales – my daughter calls it an obsession – who knows? I just love them, and beads and rick rack and lace!

    —Karen Anne on April 27, 2012
  • I was lucky enough to get my Mom’s button collection when she passed away. Plus, buttons I had been colloecting, I ve got over a shoe box full! Lots of funky vintage ones too! I also have a stash of beads and Swarovski cyrstals. Yummy! Debbie H

    —Debbie H on April 27, 2012
  • The real question is what kind of embellishment do I NOT have stashed away! I’ve got button collections from 30 years of garments, charms to put on a quilt "someday", pins and beads that just called my name and laces from modern to hand-made vintage. I even have a piece of my daughter’s great-great-grandmother’s lace from her wedding dress. Like a magpie, I squirrel away great trinkets that could be great to work with someday…this looks like a book that could change someday into today!

    Beth Strand on April 27, 2012
  • I knew I was saving all those buttons, beads,pieces of rick rack, ribbons, lace and yes even jewelry parts for something!!I once embellished a wallhanging when my daughter got married with buttons, pieces of lace and ribbons and yes jewelry from me, my mother,my grandmother & even my great grandmother!(Crazy Victorian hearts)All white and ivory lace and such. It was gorgous. I even included the screw that had held my daughters ankle together after an accident. The next thing I was going to embellish with life savers……um(I mean YUM)……. didn’t happen, but I’m now inspired again! That’s what books are for, isn’t it? To inspire us?

    —Linda Pyke on April 27, 2012
  • I have lace and ribbon and beads but my most treasured collection is my button stash. This can of buttons span three generations and then some. The women in my family cant seem to let a button go. My grandmother started saving buttons, my mother was a button hoarder. I save unique buttons even my daughters do it. I have glass buttons metal wood the joke is if you need to match a button i can probably find a match in my stash. I have done this for a friend. I have used my mothers antique buttons on a quilt, i like the effect. I am always looking for new techniques. Thank you for the chance to win.

    —Sharon Meyer on April 27, 2012
  • In addition to quilting & sewing I make greeting cards for which I have several drawers full of trims, lace, rick rack, yarn, buttons, little flowers & felt. Now that I have become addicted to quilting in the last three years these embellishments have migrated to my sewing room. Like many others who have commented, I inherited my mother’s button tin when she died. For my 4 little daughters these gave hours of play sorting them by color into cupcake tins. Cheryl’s book looks like a winner, full of inspiration to try new things.

    Sally Weigand on April 27, 2012
  • I love embellishment! I have beads, buttons, threads in all colors, weights and shinyness; charms, just about anything. You name it, I probably have it. This looks like a great book, if I don’t win a copy, it will definitely be going on my wish list!

    Michelle on April 27, 2012
  • Wow–this has really tweeked my imagination on what to do with all my buttons and other "stuff" I’ve been hoarding!

    —jane denny on April 27, 2012
  • Mason jars filled with old buttons,ric rack from the 1970’s,plastic seed beads from the 1960’s and ribbons from bars of gift soap.
    Never mind what I find walking a beach or left in a parking lot. Scraps of runover jewelry, lonely single beads and whatever catches my attention. I used small gold and silver cake decorating leaves to decorate a money tree I gave my brother for his 50th birthday. Ribbon for a wreath I made for my sister and gold thread to hang swirling stars,roosters, hearts and cacti on a garland I wove out of crepe paper for my step-mom’s 70th birthday. They all came from my stash!

    —Carole Plourde on April 27, 2012
  • wow, i have so many things on hand that i could add to a quilt. crystal beads from my grandmothers old rosary, buttons, military buttons too, letter tiles, charms, doilies, pom poms, shrinky dinks (which i don’t thin i would actually add to a quilt), ribbons, silk flowers, beads from jewelry, rhinestones (bedazzle a quilt, what?), lace is pretty. embroidering is still a favorite add-on for me. i love the 5 same/different samples!

    —Lynette on April 27, 2012
  • I met Cheryl at the Lancaster Show and she taught me some great stuff! I really would love a copy of her book!

    —upstatelisa on April 27, 2012
  • I love to incorporate embroidery in my quilts and buttons are my favourite way to embellish them.

    DianeH on April 27, 2012
  • I have buttons and cute applique designs that i love to use! thanks!

    —Lee on April 27, 2012
  • I was fortunate enough to inherit all my dear Mother’s sewing notions and supplies. I have mason jars filled with all beautiful buttons. As a child I used to play with Mom’s buttons and I still love to handle them. I use then a lot to embellish my wall hangings. I also have beads, tons of ribbons, crystals and sequins which I hope to use up in my lifetime. I just need some inspiration and ideas to help. Would love to win this fantastic book. Thank you.

    —Carol LaBella on April 27, 2012
  • I have oodles of buttons and beads that sometimes make it to quilts. I would love to win Cheryl’s book…even more inspiration!

    —Nancy on April 27, 2012
  • I have been trying to embellish more as time as gone on. It just adds spark especially to bags and that kind of thing.

    —Darlene F. on April 27, 2012
  • Buttons of course, ribbons, embroidery thread, silk flowers saved from parcels and presents given me… what’s missing is ideas for how to use them! The books look lovely!

    —Inger Martinson on April 27, 2012
  • I have tons of little funny buttons stashed. No idea where or when I will use them, but I continue to collect.

    —DanelleB on April 27, 2012
  • I like using the edges of fabric, the selvedges as trim sometimes, especially the ‘fringy’ ones, and I like to use narrow strips of B/W to add punch. Using the tips of rick-rack is a great idea as well.

    —Corky on April 27, 2012
  • Buttons, lots of beautiful, interesting buttons! Then there are the snippets of ribbon stashed away, too. Creative fun waiting to happen.

    —Barbara on April 27, 2012
  • Wow, Cheryl. You always inspire and amaze me! I cannot wait to get started. I have so many pieces of embellishment and few ideas of how to use them; have kept some over 50 years. 100 posts, yesterday: you inspire many women to think and to act positively. I am proud to know you 🙂

    —Eileen B. on April 27, 2012
  • I love buttons and wood buttons are my favorite

    elr on April 27, 2012
  • love buttons esp.wood and hand carved

    elr on April 27, 2012
  • I have beads, buttons, embroidery threads, rickrack, ribbons and crystals.

    Afton Warrick on April 27, 2012
  • I paint venise lace and white silk ribbon with dy-na-flow (by jacquard). i have also painted white duponi silk and then stamped it as well. All of these can be rinsed in synthopol and heat set with an iron. I love to use these little bits of art in my quilts.

    —Denise on April 27, 2012
  • Embellishments really do make things extra personal and there are so many possibilities to spice up any project! I have a box with all my buttons – love the idea of dividing them into colors 🙂 Actually might do that with my beads as well – makes good sense.
    Cheryl’s book looks like a great inspiration!

    Eva on April 28, 2012
  • I have collected buttons for many years, and now have them arranged by color in pint canning jars. This book seems to offer so many ways to use the buttons!

    —Elizabeth McDonald on April 28, 2012
  • Stash full of buttons,beads,feathers,coins, small silk flowers, jewelry findings, scrapbook embellishments are separated for easy use, but the trims, ribbons, rickrack, yarns just go in huge clear plastic boxes waiting for small quilts to embellish. Love to add to these collections at every quilt show. Hoping to win a book for more ideas. Thanks.

    —Sarah Eheart on April 28, 2012
  • I have a lot of embelishments… I have buttons, beads of all sorts, many kinds of different fiber strands, jewelry findings, charms, embroidery thread, and nick nacks. I’m always on the look out for something I can use someday. 🙂

    —Carla G on April 28, 2012
  • I have tons of buttons, laces and trims for embellishments and am always on the lookout for ways to use them in my quilting and sewing projects. Would love to win the book for more ideas.

    —Connie on April 29, 2012
  • The drawers are full of Grandma’s button, my Mothers buttons ribbons buttons, lace and rick-rack plus my own beads, yarns, buttons and charms. plus I have great sewing machine with unusual stitches.
    I am hoping to win this book to help me with ideas to embellish my wall hangings with pizzazz.

    —Sylvia on April 29, 2012
  • I am an embellishment hoarder (and I have a support group!). Buttons, beads, medals, coins,keys,rocks, trim…etc. If it is shiny or speaks to me of a sentiment I may want to stitch, it gets stashed for later use. Old bottle caps and hardware catch my eye as well.

    i am sure this book will have to find its way into my home so that I can embellish my way out of the closet!

    —Yessant on May 1, 2012
  • Have taken a real interest in all things embellished, and would love this book. I have gathered so much material off of old clothes, recycled stuff, bits and pieces and ephemera, lace, ribbons, old jewelry, buttons, appliques, bit of velvet and silk. They are all going onto jackets, and art quilts, and handbags. Love all the books that dwell in the land of the lost and used up and thrown away, to create the new out of old. Please send my way.

    —Lydia Reading on May 2, 2012
  • I like second hand stores for fun, interesting, defintely different embellishments. I have picked up old trims, buttons, wire, beads, and more. It’s fun to go through these finds when I need something unique.

    —Jodi on May 3, 2012
  • I collect buttons/beads/sequins/ribbons/laces, etc but I crochet lots of tiny flowers and butterflies to embellish the projects.


    —Usha on May 5, 2012

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