Before it’s on your pants 👖 How to de-lint a Jelly Roll f-a-s-t (video)

Jelly RollsIf you’ve ever unfurled a Moda Jelly Roll, you know how fun the experience can be: colors flying, prints sparkling, creativity churning. And you may have also noticed another part of the experience: lint sticking. To your cutting mat, your shirt, your pants, the cat. Sometimes quilting can be a messy business!

Because we love our Jelly Rolls, we carry on with our lint-laden quilting. But guess what? You don’t have to anymore! Sunday Best Quilts coauthor Corey Yoder—who’s also a contributor to Moda All-Stars: On a Roll—has a trick for de-linting Jelly Rolls that only takes a few seconds. Get ready for an “aha!” moment in the short video below:

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💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡 Are the light bulbs going off for you too? What a clever tip—now we can all roll, roll, roll along lint-free!

After you de-lint your Jelly Rolls you’ll be ready to create all kinds of strippy quilts like these!

A putty-colored fabric frame makes these BIG Jelly Roll blocks pop:

Apricot Jelly quilt
Apricot Jelly by Corey Yoder

Make a string-style quilt with squares of foundation paper:

Trifle quilt
Trifle by Janet Clare

Are they Shoofly blocks or Snowball blocks? You’ll enjoy the strippy surprise:

Parfait quilt
Parfait by Sherri McConnell

Here’s another perfect roost for your Jelly Rolls 🐣

Rule the Roost quilt
Rule the Roost by Anne Sutton

Find the patterns for all of these Jelly Roll quilts and more in Moda All-Stars: On a Roll.

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Moda All-Stars: On a RollWhen do you typically unfurl your Jelly Rolls?

  • As soon as I get home from the quilt shop—I can’t wait to find out what’s inside!
  • Only when I’m ready to make a project.
  • I haven’t unfurled a Jelly Roll yet—they’re just too pretty to open!

Tell us your Jelly Roll story in the comments!

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