How to choose fabric for a scrap quilt (the easy way) 👍

From Vintage LegaciesqYou’ve seen them—glorious scrap quilts with tens, or maybe even hundreds, of different fabrics. Each piece seems like it floated effortlessly into place. But if you’ve ever made a scrap quilt, you know that choosing where each fabric goes isn’t quite as easy as it looks!

Leave it to a pro to offer some sound advice. That’s exactly what Vintage Legacies author Carol Hopkins gave to us when we recently met up with her. Her trick? Think pairs, twosomes, and couples when it comes to mixing your fabrics. She shares her clever trick in the video below. Don’t miss her extra tip at the end of the video—we guarantee it’ll hit the “bullseye” for blocks that tend to stand out in a crowd!

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Look closely and you’ll see Carol’s approach to scrap quilting in action in her gorgeous quilts from Vintage Legacies:

Nellie Jane quilt
Nellie Jane

Faded Roses quilt
Faded Roses

Give and Take quilt
Give and Take

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How do you typically choose fabrics for the scrap quilts you make?

  • My approach is a lot like Carol’s—matching light and dark pairs.
  • I do things a little like Carol and then throw in some surprises.
  • I like the box-of-chocolates approach. You never know what you’re going to get!

Share your scrap-quilt strategies in the comments!

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