Help! How to make a quilt – for beginners and beyond (+ sale)

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If you’ve been a quilter for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the following from a friend, family member, coworker, or passerby upon seeing a quilt you’ve created:

“I wish I knew how to make a quilt!”

As quilters, we know that person can learn how to make a quilt—after all, we did it! But if you think way back to the beginning (waaaaay back for some of us), you might recall feeling a bit uncertain about starting that VERY first quilt.
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My first quilt, made from a Little Quilts pattern.

Luckily, I had experienced quilters around me who showed me the basics. And with this week’s books on sale, you can learn—or teach—the basics using experienced quilters to guide you, too!
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Quiltmaking Essentials 1First things first: learn to cut and sew quilt blocks

In Quiltmaking Essentials 1 by 12-time Martingale author Donna Lynn Thomas, how to make a quilt becomes crystal clear. Donna shares techniques she’s gathered from many years a quilt designer and teacher. Her focus in this book is on cutting and piecing skills only, so beginners can learn frustration-free methods for sewing quilt blocks right the first time.

(Note to experienced quilters: do you consistently sew too-small or too-big blocks? Plagued by mismatched points and seam-ripper sadness? Keep Quiltmaking Essentials 1 at your side as long-term reference for accurate piecing.)
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Just a few of the topics covered in
Quiltmaking Essentials 1
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Quiltmaking Essentials 2Next step: learn about settings, borders, backings, and bindings

Donna didn’t stop at sewing quilt blocks! In Quiltmaking Essentials 2 she sheds light on essential steps toward finishing quilts, from choosing quilt-block settings to sewing sashings, borders, backings, and bindings. With Donna’s ideas and friendly advice to guide you, finishing your first quilt—and your 100th—will be easier, more accurate, and more fun.

(Note to experienced quilters: too many UFOs? Let Donna’s techniques help you get your quilts to the finish line faster.)
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From Quiltmaking Essentials 2
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Fast and Fun First QuiltsPick a first pattern!

Now that you’ve got the skills covered, what will you make? Choose beginner-friendly patterns so your first quilt is a success! Fast and Fun First Quilts is filled with easy-to-follow patterns, all perfect for first-time quilters.

(Note to experienced quilters: want instant-gratification quilts? These 18 patterns will fill your need for speed.)
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Fast and Fun First Quilts
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Easy Quilts for Beginners and BeyondProgress with your patchwork

Ready to stretch beyond beginner status? In Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond you’ll find quilts to breeze through and quilts to challenge you—let this beautiful pattern collection from Quiltmaker magazine follow you throughout your quiltmaking journey.
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From Easy Quilts from Beginners and Beyond

Do you: a) want to teach a beginner you know how to make a quilt, b) want to brush up on basics, or c) neither—because you’re the beginner? Tell us in the comments!

Save 20% on select books + free shipping

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