Hand-appliqued houses with Yoko Saito (video) 📹

We’re pleased to bring you Yoko Saito books in English, published by Stitch Publications and distributed by Martingale. And today we’ve got a new video of Ms. Saito in action, sharing a technique from her book Houses, Houses, Houses!because house quilts are hot!

This celebrated Japanese quilter is known for her exquisite appliqué, and in Houses, Houses, Houses! she explores quilted dwellings in all kinds of designs, from quilts and bags to pillows, pouches, and three-dimensional house-shaped blocks—34 step-by-step projects in all. You’ll also learn how to design your own house blocks, just like Yoko Saito does! Let’s take a look at how she appliqués her houses onto fabric. (And if you do hand appliqué, you won’t want to miss the two clever tools she uses to prepare her pieces—brilliant!).

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The way she turns those seams—we think that might be the best idea ever for prepping appliqué pieces with straight edges!

Here are just a few beautiful projects from the book:

Stairs Bag by Yoko Saito
Stairs Bag

Town on a Hill Carry-All by Yoko Saito
A Town on a Hill Carry-All

Block-of-the-Month II Quilt by Yoko Saito
Block-of-the-Month II Quilt

Here are some inspirational words from Yoko Saito’s Houses, Houses, Houses!

Yoko Saito“The wonderful thing about appliqués of houses is that anyone can easily create one of their own. Even if you start with the same basic house pattern, just changing the fabric used for the walls or roof will make it completely unique. You can get creative and think about changing the shape of a door, or making it appear as if there is a light shining out of a window. You can even add trees outside the house. It’s almost as though you are young again and playing with blocks, putting them together however you desire.

Ideas for house blocks can come from anywhere. You might stop and sketch a building that you see on a corner when you are out walking, find one in a picture book, or be inspired by a photo you took while on holiday. I hope this book sparks your imagination and encourages you to create your own original house.”

Watch more Yoko Saito videos on hand sewing Log Cabins and stitching elegant vine appliqués.

What kinds of abodes would you build with Houses, Houses, Houses?

  • Barns, churches, and mom-and-pop shops: I like the country life.
  • City skyscrapers: the sky’s the limit!
  • A friendly neighborhood with houses all in a row.

Tell us which you’d stitch in the comments!

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