“Witch” way to a quick (free) Halloween quilt?

Blast of wind, crunch of leaves, wrap of scarf (hello, long sleeves). For many, nothing brings more excitement to October than the anticipation of its last day arriving—Halloween! But until then, the fun is in the costume creating, the treat making, and the decorating.

With Halloween quilts, you can typically go in two directions: cute or creepy. This month’s free quilt pattern captures both sides of the style spectrum. Meet author Maaike Bakker’s paper-pieced witch:
Paper-pieced witch quilt from Spellbinding Quilts
Finished quilt: 19″ x 19″ Finished block: 10″ x 10″. Download the witch pattern now.

Maaike created a striking witch silhouette by using solid black fabric. Her choice of orange mottled fabric in the background makes it seem like the witch is flying in front of an inferno of flames. Cool!

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Paper-pieced witch patternThis Halloween quilt is easy enough to whip up over the weekend. Never paper pieced before? Download step-by-step how-tos for paper piecing on our How to Quilt page. The illustration (right) shows how the paper-pieced block comes together.

Make up your witch as a wall quilt or table topper, or use your quilting spells to transform her into:

  • a pillow to creep out a couch or bed
  • a table runner with added Halloween-themed blocks of your choice (or simply add strips of Halloween-themed fabrics)
  • an embellishment on the front of a trick-or-treat bag (you can purchase a canvas bag or browse patterns to make your own)

Here are some other ways Maaike used her witch block, featured in her book Spellbinding Quilts:

Magnificent Magical Sampler quilt from Spellbinding Quilts
See the witch in the upper-left corner of this Magnificent Magical Sampler? You can make her skirt, top, hat, shoes, and broom any color you wish.

Magical Sampler quilt from Spellbinding Quilts
Here she is again in a smaller sampler, along with other mythical motifs.

Night of the Witches quilt
“Night of the Witches” is featured in the gallery of Spellbinding Quilts, and includes paper-pieced black cats and bats.

Download your free witch pattern now.

Spellbinding QuiltsIf you concoct a potion of spooky fabrics and bring this witchy quilt to life, email us a photo! The first person to send us a picture of a finished project that uses Maaike’s witch pattern will receive a free copy of the Spellbinding Quilts eBook. We’ll share all other photos on our “Happy Halloween!” board on Pinterest. Email your photos, along with your name and a bit about your project, to Jenny at pinterest@martingale-pub.com.

We have a winner!

Approximately 12 1/2 hours after our witchy post went live, quilter Beth sent in a photo of her completed witch quilt:

Beth's winning Witch quilt!

Beth, you must have cast a magic sewing spell to paper piece with such speed–your quilt is fabulous!

Here’s what Beth says about her quilt:

"I was so excited to see this pattern that I printed it right out and made this little wall hanging to add to our Halloween decorations. My middle school daughter came home and exclaimed, ‘This is so adorable!  Who is it for?’ To which I replied, ‘I guess it’s yours!’ It will be hanging on her bedroom door. I’m thinking of making another one in plaid for my older daughter who shares my passion for Harry Potter and calling it ‘McGonagal’s Midnight Ride.'"

Love the idea for whipping up a witch quilt for not one, but two daughters. Thanks for sending your quilt photo to us, Beth!

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  • Congrats to the winner!! I want this book….lol

    marjorie on October 5, 2012
  • As soon as vacation is over 🙁 I hope to get this gal made!
    Too cute. Thanks for the pattern.

    —Terry on October 6, 2012
  • Love the reference to H Potter!
    this is cute and I hope quick even if
    I am not an experienced paper piecer!

    —irene on October 6, 2012

    —Judith Sackett on October 4, 2014

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