Halloween fabric fun (+ sale!)

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From Creepy Crafty HalloweenFall is my favorite season for many reasons: the crisp (but often sunny) days, cool (but not TOO cold) nights, falling leaves, crunchy apples, coffee drinks, back to school, football, fall colors, and Halloween.

I just love it when people set up elaborate Halloween displays in their yards! When I drive by those homes, I always wish I could see the decorations inside, too. (But while a bit of creepy fun is okay this time of year, knocking on doors to check out people’s decorations would be going just a little too far.) Thankfully, I know a lot of quilters and crafters who love to decorate for Halloween, so I just have to be content with visiting them!

Are you looking for Halloween crafting ideas? Our books are full of quilty and crafty fall goodness. And, when you finish your projects, please feel free to invite me over—I’d love to see them!

Fun fabric stuffies

Fabric pumpkin heads From Hocus Pocus
Bring on the giggles with these funny fabric “Pumpkin Heads” (left) from Creepy, Crafty Halloween or this Halloween cat (right) with his goofy hat and cute pumpkin doll companion from Hocus Pocus.

Quilty Halloween!

From Spellbinding Quilts
From Creepy Crafty Halloween
These small, super-cute projects are perfect if you want just a touch of Halloween fun. Top, from left: “Nocturnal Animals” and “Haunted Castle” from Spellbinding Quilts by Maaike Bakker. Bottom: “Crayon and Embroidery Wall Hanging” from Creepy, Crafty Halloween.

Fall, but not necessarily Halloween

Not a huge fan of Halloween, but still looking for a touch of fall? These projects will put autumn in your home (and in your belly!) without screaming “Halloween!” Left:  “Appliquéd Pumpkin Table Runner and Napkins” from Creepy, Crafty Halloween. Right: “Pumpkin Placemat” and Pumpkin Bars recipe from Hocus Pocus.

These books are full of great ideas for the season, but of course you can use ANY book to make a Halloween or fall-themed quilt simply by using appropriate fabrics. Have a look at what Linda, our receptionist, did with “Glimmerglass,” one of the quilts from Beyond Neutral by John Q. Adams.

Glimmerglass quilt pattern from Beyond Neutral
John’s quilt from Beyond Neutral is on the left; Linda’s Halloween-inspired version is on the right.

Do you decorate for Halloween, fall, or both? We want to know! Please tell us in the comments.

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