Great at knitting, not so great at finishing? You need know-how (+ giveaway!)

No matter your knitting skill, no matter your knitting style—all knitters need know-how!


From the best-selling author of Cast On, Bind Off comes an all-new reference guide about arguably the most important step of knitting any project: the finishing.

From-Knitters-Know-HowDon’t let an unfamiliarity with finishing techniques turn another project into an amateur version of what it could be. Instead, arm yourself with Cap’s expert advice and give every project you start a professional finish.

Knitter’s Know-How covers a wide range of topics. Seams, zippers, buttonholes, edgings, hems, and much more—this essential handbook will improve every knitting project you create. Check out the jam-packed table of contents:

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Knitter’s Know-How

All your finishing questions answered in one essential resource.

You won’t find these techniques explained in most knitting patterns—and that’s why Knitter’s Know-How is the perfect companion for any knitting book or pattern you own (or ever will own). Pair Cap’s two books together and double your knitting confidence.

We’re excited to have Cap as a guest writer today to tell us more about her new book. Welcome, Cap!

Cap-SeaseLove to knit but hate finishing? Do you know only one way to sew together knitted pieces? Hate those lumpy, ill-fitting seams? Do you like the look of zippers on a cardigan but are afraid to try putting one in? Then Knitter’s Know-How is the book for you.

Most knitters don’t like finishing, so they do it in a rush—and the results aren’t always the best: puckered seams, button bands that pull the knitting out of shape, woven-in ends that stick out. But finishing is really important. It can make or break an otherwise beautifully knit project.

By taking a little time to learn some basic finishing techniques, you can raise the level of your knitting significantly. Knitter’s Know-How takes you from the very beginning of a project, before you even begin to knit, to the final steps. Full of techniques and tips, it will help you transform your knitting.

Page examples from
Knitter’s Know-How: a mix of photos and illustrations clearly walks you through each technique.

Finishing begins before you even make a slip knot to cast on. It sounds weird, but it’s absolutely true. Just a little time taken before you start knitting to think about what you want your finished project to look like can pay off big time. Knitter’s Know-How will help you make choices as you knit that will make finishing easy and effective.

Choices: knitted edgings

And best of all, Knitter’s Know-How will show you that finishing doesn’t have to be difficult. Just spend a little time to master some of the techniques presented in Knitter’s Know-How, and you’ll find finishing is not such a daunting prospect. And who knows, you might even come to enjoy it!

Get a peek at more pages from Knitter’s Know-How >

Knitters-Know-HowThanks for introducing us to your new book, Cap!

When it comes to finishing your knitting, are you:

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Share your answer in the comments and you could win a copy of the Knitter’s Know-How eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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