Got fabric? Indulge your art quilter (+ sale!)

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Art quilts! We ogle them at quilt shows and many of us dream of making one of our own someday. Now, I happen to think that all quilters are artists! But for the purposes of this particular post, we’re going to refer to pictorial and nontraditionally pieced quilts as “art quilts.”

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about branching out and trying new and different art-quilting techniques. Don’t be afraid! It’s only fabric and you’ll learn something regardless of how your project turns out. And if you need a little help, well, we have lots of that available.

May I start by showing you one of my art quilts?

Mountain Sunrise quilt

This is called “Mountain Sunrise” and I used techniques found in Dream Landscapes and Fast-Piece Appliqué by Rose Hughes. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out! And now, I can say, “I’m an art quilter!”

Our sale books this week all feature fun, easy, arty techniques that will unleash the art quilter in you. Get inspired to try something new!

Dream LandscapesDream Landscapes by Rose Hughes

If you can dream it, you can create it! Rose’s Fast-Piece Appliqué technique makes it easy to sew complex-looking shapes. You can try one of the step-by-step patterns in the book or use her techniques to create your own one-of-a-kind quilt. You’ll also explore fun options for embellishing your creation. Click here to watch a video where Rose explains and demonstrates her Fast-Piece Appliqué technique.

Quilts from Dream Landscapes
“Oak—King of Trees” and “Moonrise” from
Dream Landscapes by Rose Hughes

Mosaic Picture QuiltsMosaic Picture Quilts by Pat Durbin

Do you ever look at a beautiful photograph and think “That would make a gorgeous quilt!” but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Pat Durbin will show you how to easily transform your favorite photographs into gorgeous pieces of art!

From Mosaic Picture Quilts
“Pacific Beach” (top) and “Morning Light” (bottom) from Mosaic Picture Quilts by Pat Durbin

Out of the BoxOut of the Box by Mary Lou Weidman

Life stories—we all have them and want to tell them! Mary Lou is a consummate quilt storyteller and she’ll help you to become one too. This idea book will help you create YOUR story, YOUR quilt, YOUR way. And you’ll have tons of fun doing it.

Here are just a few examples of Mary Lou’s “Short Story” quilts:

Quilts from Out of the Box
“Prayer Quilt” and “I Feel Like a Witch”

MacGregor's Garden quilt
“MacGregor’s Garden”

Design Your Own QuiltsDesign Your Own Quilts by Judy Hopkins

We all want to design our own quilts, but where to start? With help from the late Judy Hopkins, you’ll have the tools to create quilts that carry your personal imprint using a framework of 12 different “blueprints.” Her approach provides organization and direction while allowing you to make creative decisions along the way.

From Design Your Own Quilts
In “Martha Washington Star” (left), Judy used Blueprint 1 as a starting point; for “High Five” (right), she used Blueprint 12 as a base.

Fast-Piece AppliqueNeed more artistic inspiration?
Take a look at Fast-Piece Appliqué by Rose Hughes, where she expands on the technique she introduced in Dream Landscapes.

How have you indulged your artistic side lately: new techniques, unconventional colors, a new-to-you style? Tell us in the comments!

Save 40% on select eBooks this week!

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