A gift from Nancy Zieman to all of us: share the joys of sewing

Sewing is magic, creative, and fun,
it’s meant to be shared with a special someone.
Let’s fly off to Sewland and stitch something new,
Where all the town sews at a quarter to two.

From the Flying Sewing Machine
The person who penned this little rhyme knew all about the magic of sewing. In fact, she shared that magic with millions of us. It was Nancy Zieman, beloved host of Sewing With Nancy, the longest-running sewing series in the history of American television.

Nancy and her granddaughtersWe were heartbroken when we heard that Nancy passed away on November 14 of this year, shortly after retiring from her show and her business, Zieman Productions. Before her passing, she was preparing to launch a new program dedicated to a topic near and dear to her heart: teaching children to sew.

We’re excited to share that Nancy’s vision has come to fruition. Her legacy lives on in the “I Sew for Fun” series, a range of products that teach children ages 5 to 9 how to sew. We are proud to be part of this campaign and to honor Nancy’s memory by publishing her children’s book, The Flying Sewing Machine. Nancy’s rhyming tale introduces kids to the little town of Sewland, where everyone stops to sew each day at a quarter to two.

The Flying Sewing MachineIn the book, kids will discover the excitement of creating beautiful things with fabric. In a world where sewing is a delightful part of every afternoon, they’ll meet wonderful friends—who just happen to be flying sewing machines! This charming book offers parents, grandparents, and others a special way to show children how fun sewing can be.

We created a little video about the book to share with you, which includes a very special moment: Nancy reading her book to her two granddaughters.

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We are honored that Nancy chose Martingale to publish The Flying Sewing Machine. And we love that Christmastime is the perfect time for you to share the book with children. Read it with them, talk about your own love of sewing, and show them how to begin their own sewing adventure. Just as Nancy showed so many of us.

Do you have a child or two you’d like to teach how to sew? Name them in the comments and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of FIVE copies of The Flying Sewing Machine—and get those youngsters started on a fun fabric journey that could last a lifetime.


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