Free printable quilting quote (for fabric lovers only)

Quilters say the darndest things.

Quilting quote

Agree with Carrie? If you do, share her sentiments:

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT a 5″ x 7″ image of Carrie’s quote for your personal use! Hang it in your sewing space or even frame it—how cute would it be to place this happy message near your stash?

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From Another Bite of SchnibblesToday’s quilting quote is brought to you by Carrie Nelson, the best-selling author of Schnibbles Times Two and Another Bite of Schnibbles. For more words of quilting wisdom, pick up either of Carrie’s books—both are brimming with gorgeous Layer Cake and charm-square quilts to make with all that “more is more” fabric!

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Schnibbles Times Two Another Bite of Schnibbles

Is your day turning out to be an extra-helping of dessert day, or an extra-helping of fabric day? Tell us in the comments!

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