Free Kim Diehl patterns: handy thread keepers and scissors fob ✂

If you’re familiar with Kim Diehl’s books, you know they’re packed with smart little tips and tricks that simplify your sewing life. If a step can be made easier, Kim will show you how it’s done!

Kim also loves to share recipes, decor ideas, and little bonus projects in her books. In Simple Harvest, she shares a quick way to create thread keepers and a cute wool-penny fob for your scissors.

Free Kim Diehl patterns

Kim’s thread keepers are a snap to make, and they’ll last longer than the paper versions. Plus, you probably already have just what you need to make a bunch: bits of template plastic.

Kim’s scissors fob will make it easy to find your scissors—sometimes doesn’t it seem like they scurry away? Instead of searching for your scissors, just look for the pretty wool pennies!

Kim DiehlFor the thread keepers, Kim says, “For a convenient way to tuck embroidery floss and pearl-cotton threads into my needle book with less bulk, I use little thread keepers, which are super quick to make and can hold a TON of thread. Simply use a rotary cutter with an old blade and an acrylic ruler to cut a ½" × 2″ rectangle from template plastic. Smooth the edges and round the corners of the rectangle with an emery board, and then cut a ¼" snip at the center of one end. Wind your keeper with thread and slide the loose end through the snip to anchor it and prevent tangles.”

For the scissors fob, Kim says: “To make a fast and easy scissors fob, stitch two large penny stacks (as shown in the photo above and outlined in the needlebook project instructions on page 30 of Simple Harvest), and use a spool or lid measuring about 1½" (give or take) as a template to add one slightly larger penny to each stack. After taking a few stitches with perle cotton to secure the ends of a folded 8½" length of ribbon to the center of one wool stack, sandwich the ribbon loop between the two glue-basted penny stacks. Use the perle cotton and a blanket stitch to join the edges, and loop the fob through the scissor handle.”

Easy-peasy, you’re done!

Kim’s thread keepers and fob pair perfectly with her Harvest Song Needle Book and Sewing Jar projects—you’ll find patterns for both in Simple Harvest.

Harvest Song Needle Book and Sewing Jar
Harvest Song Needle Book and Sewing Jar

If you’re like Kim, fall is your favorite color—so why let the current season determine your color scheme? You can stitch up Kim’s projects from Simple Harvest and use them every day of the year!

Burnished Baskets Lap Quilt
Burnished Baskets Lap Quilt

Dresden Dish Garden quilt
Dresden Dish Garden Quilt

October Twilight quilt
October Twilight Quilt

Harvest Tapestry quilt
Harvest Tapestry Quilt

See more projects from Simple Harvest here.

How do you store your embroidery threads: on template plastic like Kim, on cardboard bobbins, wrapped around clothespins . . . tangled in balls at the bottom of a Ziploc bag? Tell us in the comments!

Download Kim’s Buttercream Twist pattern when you sign in or register at our website, ShopMartingale:

Free Kim Diehl pattern
Buttercream Twist: sign in or register at ShopMartingale to download the pattern!

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