Flawless Flying Geese: a flip-and-trim technique (new video!)

From American Quilt TreasuresFlying-geese units are a staple in quiltmaking, and there are lots of ways to make them (here are four ways—the four-at-a-time method is pretty cool!). But if your ¼" seam is just a smidge off, it can cause those geese to fly off kilter when it comes time to sew units together. And that’s no way to get your quilt to take flight!

Carol Hopkins, author of the best-selling “Civil War Legacies” series, is the princess of precise piecing. At spring Quilt Market, she showed us how she gets her flying-geese units to fly flawlessly into her quilts. Don’t miss this tip—a tiny trim is truly all you need!

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We love how Carol’s teeny trimming technique will not only square up your units, it’ll make them fit together with ALL those other units you’re sure to be stitching!

Now that you know how to perfect your flying-geese piecing, you can use your skills in a flock of Carol’s flying-geese quilts, including:

Abigail's Gowns quilt
Abigail’s Gowns from
Civil War Legacies II

Blue and Gray Trail quilt
Blue and Gray Trail from
Civil War Legacies IV (coming January 2018)

Thorns and Roses quilt
Thorns and Roses from
Civil War Legacies II

And don’t forget all the beautiful blocks you can make (in a decidedly different size) with Carol’s book, coauthored with Linda M. Koenig, The 4 x 5 Quilt-Block Anthology!

From the 4" x 5" Quilt-Block Anthology
Blocks from
The 4″ x 5″ Quilt-Block Anthology

Civil War Legacies seriesWhat’s your favorite way to make flying-geese units: one at a time, four at a time, or as-many-times-as-possible at a time? Tell us in the comments!





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