Flash sale! Schnibbles Times Two is perfect for you IF . . .


Schnibbles Times Two is perfect for you if . . .

You LOVE the irresistible appeal of charm squares.

McGuffey charm-pack quilt

You LOVE Layer Cakes loaded with patchwork possibilities.

McGuffey Layer Cake quilt

You LOVE making both big and little quilts.

Scratch Layer Cake quilt (68″ x 80½") and Scratch charm-square quilt (31¼" x 36½")

Carrie-NelsonYou LOVE looking at, dreaming about, and making gorgeous quilts designed by Carrie Nelson—aka Wearer of Many Hats at Moda (it’s on her business cards!); amazing designer behind Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company; author of two best-selling books with Martingale; and delightful, funny, and fun-to-be-around person.

Yes, if you love all of these things, Schnibbles Times Two is perfect for you. Even more perfect is that the eBook is only $6.00 through the weekend.*

Plan C Layer Cake quilt (77½" x 77½") and Plan C charm-square quilt (32½" x 32½")

But wait…what is a Schnibble, anyway? We’ll let Carrie explain in this excerpt from Schnibbles Times Two:

Short-Story-charm-quilt“Schnibble is a real word. The first time I heard the word, it was used in conjunction with food and it was clear that it meant a small bite or a nibble. I loved the word and used it often, and when it came time to think of something to call my little quilts, I liked the idea of calling them ‘Schnibbles’ for little bits. But having had a past experience with using words that didn’t mean exactly what I thought they did, I did what any twenty-first-century girl would do—I searched Google for the word ‘schnibble’ to see if it had any meanings that I really should be aware of beforehand. In one of those meant-to-be moments of serendipitous perfection, it turned out that this quirky little word actually means a scrap, small bits of cloth, or leftover bits of fabric.”

And there you have it. Perfect.

Cows-and-Flying-Geese-uniteCheck out what quilters like you are saying about Schnibbles Times Two on Amazon:

Five-stars“The designs are beautiful and easy to make . . . It’s a very inspirational book and there’s not a single project I don’t want to make. You’ll be so happy you bought this one!”

Five-stars“Carrie Nelson has a wonderful writing voice. She is informative and funny. It was fun to read as an experienced quilter, and for a beginning quilter her writing style makes the information easy to understand and not in the least scary.”

Five-stars“Another book with all the projects tagged for my ‘bucket list.’ I’ll have to live to be 100 years old to finish them all!”

(We promise, neither Schnibble quilt nor spotted livestock was harmed during the photo shoot above. ^^^)

Did we mention that Carrie is full of insightful quilting wisdom too? You’ll find many more quotes like this one inside Schnibbles Times Two:

Print this
and hang it in your sewing space. Just in case someone wants to say something about your stash.

Whether you prefer bundles and packs or squares from your stash—the time to collect these 12 pairs of pretty patterns is now. Download your copy of Schnibbles Times Two for only $6.00.

And make it a sew-happy weekend.

*Sale ends Monday, September 26, 2016, at noon PDT.






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  • What a great way to start my day.. This great book for $6.00. Thanks😀

    —Jan on September 23, 2016
  • Wonderful way to start the weekend, I’ve wanted this for ages. Gotta go, I hear stash and friends calling to me loud and clear. Many thanks.

    —Elaine on September 24, 2016
  • Thanks for the quote. I just retired and have spent a lot of time with my stash. Most of my fabric is organized by collection launch as "Best of William Morris" or by color such as pinks when I Quilt for the Cure or local charities. This book should be able to help me use this stash more efficiently. Many thanks!

    —Jeanne on September 24, 2016

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