First Kim Diehl patterns back in print (+ giveaway!)

Quilts from Simple Blessings by Kim Diehl
“I didn’t plan to become a quiltmaker, but somehow fate intervened and quiltmaking found me. While wandering through a sidewalk sale one afternoon, I chanced upon a sampler quilt pattern and was immediately smitten. I impulsively purchased yards and yards of fabric, assorted sewing notions, and something called a rotary cutter. I dove headfirst into my new project, not knowing enough to be afraid, and learned each new step as I tackled it. After piecing my quilt top and working diligently to hand quilt it, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and pure elation as I sewed my last stitch. I was hooked!”

—Kim Diehl, from her first book Simple Blessings

And so began a surprising life turn for Kim Diehl—one that’s led to six bestselling books in just under 10 years. And after you asked (and asked, and asked again), her debut book is now back in print. Kim’s bed, lap, and wall quilts feature her easy invisible-machine appliqué technique—a dead ringer for getting a hand-sewn look. So thank you for your prodding, and thank you for your patience. Commence quilting!

We’re thrilled to have Kim as a guest writer at the Stitch This! blog for the first time. Below she shares her recollections of designing the quilts for Simple Blessings.

Kim, tell us the behind-the-scenes story of how Simple Blessings came to be (perhaps later we can get you to share the recipe for those coconut mochas you mention too!).

Kim DiehlGreetings from Idaho!

It was a wonderful and unexpected surprise when I learned that my very first book, Simple Blessings, was to be rereleased! I decided that good news like this is cause for a mini celebration, so I took a pause from my busy day, curled up with a coconut mocha and a little dog (actually, four of them!), and enjoyed several quiet moments leafing through the pages of this book and taking a walk down memory lane.

It’s so hard for me to believe that it was nearly 10 years ago when I screwed up my courage and sent off a book proposal to Martingale. Even though I passionately LOVED quilting (this is a polite way of saying I was addicted), I’d only been making quilts for a few years and I was still at that stage where I was unsure if I even had a knack for quiltmaking. I decided to take a giant leap of faith and jump in feet first, fully expecting that my proposal would receive a polite “no thank you.” No one was more amazed than me when the answer was “yes!” To me! ME!!

Quilts from Simple Blessings
Quilts from
Simple Blessings

Simple BlessingsOnce I had my deadline, I set about making quilts at a frenzied pace, only coming up for air and leaving my sewing room when I absolutely had to. Juggling carpool duties, homework, dinner (most days), multiple puppies, and housekeeping (honest) while sewing miles and miles of seams was so much fun, and I loved the challenge of it. My very favorite days were those when I would wander into my sewing room before “normal” people woke up, slurp down coconut mochas while stitching and pressing patchwork and appliqué, and then realize with a start that the day had flown by and I was still in my pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Those days were the best!

Picking up Simple Blessings again and revisiting my early days as an author has shown me so clearly why I still have that quilting “bug.” While I’ve grown through the years as a quiltmaker, I’m reminded that if we do what we love and simply trust our instincts, we can’t go wrong. Happily, there’s always another quilt to make, more fabric to dream about, and loved ones who enjoy wrapping up in the fruits of our labor. I hope that you’ll rediscover this book, pick a favorite project, and enjoy many happy hours of stitching.

Congratulations on the rerelease of your first bestseller, Kim—and on the books that have followed, and on the books yet to come!

You can view a slideshow of all of the quilts from Simple Blessings below.

What unexpected turns have you taken in your life? Leave your answer in the comments and you could win a copy of the Simple Blessings eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The randomly chosen winner is Kathy, who writes:

“I have so many unexpected turns in my life! It definitely did not go where I thought it would. But the best unexpected turn was learning to quilt! Quilting brings me joy no matter what life throws at me! ‘Simple Blessings’ by Kim Diehl is a beautiful rendition of all that is good! Thank you for an opportunity to win her book!”

Kathy, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!

Cobblestones and Cartwheels quilt

"Cobblestones and Cartwheels"

Pleasantly Primitive quilt

"Pleasantly Primitive"

Geese in the Garden quilt

"Geese in the Garden"

A Dash of Tradition quilt

"A Dash of Tradition"

Every Heart Beats True quilt

"Every Heart Beats True"

Buttons and Bows quilt

"Buttons and Bows"

Bricks and Stones quilt

"Bricks and Stones"

Five-Cent Fairy Garden quilt

"Five-Cent Fairy Garden"

Colonial Cockscomb quilt

"Colonial Cockscomb"

Country Whig Rose quilt

"Country Whig Rose"

Romance and Roses quilt

"Romance and Roses"

Lazy Day Pleasures quilt

"Lazy Day Pleasures"

Baskets of Bloomers quilt

"Baskets of Bloomers"

Blossom Bramble quilt

"Blossom Bramble"


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