Favorites of 2015: machine-quilting pick of the year


Happy New Year to you!

There was a new sewing machine under the tree for me! My old machine didn’t excel at free-motion quilting and the walking foot was just so-so. But my new machine is a star performer at both.

For that reason, my favorite quilt of 2015 comes from Christa Watson’s book Machine Quilting with Style: from Walking-Foot Wonders to Free-Motion Favorites. The Focal Point quilt is my favorite because it shows off spiral quilting done with a walking foot.
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Focal Point quilt
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After reading through the how-to in the book, I’m confident I CAN DO IT!  I can’t wait to sit down at my new machine and give this one a try!

In Machine Quilting with Style you’ll find 8 different walking-foot designs, 10 free-motion quilting motifs, and 12 of Christa’s inventive quilt patterns to put all the techniques you learn to use.
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If you’ve ever wanted to give machine quilting a try, Christa’s book will give you the know-how you need.

See all 12 quilts in Machine Quilting with Style >

Do you machine quilt on your home machine? Free motion or walking foot? Tell us in the comments!

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