Fall 2012 Quilt Market: It started with a whisper

As I get ready to write this post, a song lyric is stuck in my head. It begins, “It started with a whisper,” and then continues with lots of other words I don’t remember. My Quilt Market recap wants to have a similarly catchy line: “It started with a bare booth.” I could be quite clever and try to write more lyrics, but I’ll stay with what I know. I’m happy to say that I know Quilt Market.

Fall Quilt Market is always in Houston, Texas. The weather was beautiful when we arrived from Seattle, and it continued to be lovely the whole time we were there. We flew in on Wednesday evening so that we would be ready to start setting up on Thursday. (Oh, and we needed to do a bit of shopping too.)

In my opening song lyric, I mentioned that it started with a bare booth. Our Quilt Market actually started with four bare booths. Our crate was delivered at noon on Thursday, and as soon as it arrived we began the process of setting up. We laid carpeting, hung curtains, set up tables, arranged racks, unloaded books, and displayed quilts. All that took many hours. It’s a lot of work! We’re fortunate that we enjoy each other’s company so much.

Marketing coordinator Mary Burns smiles as the booth starts to take shape.

Friday is Schoolhouse day! Schoolhouses are 30-minute presentations, often given by your favorite quilt designers. Martingale authors talk about books to shop owners from around the world, and there is a lot of show and tell. These talented quilt designers are always very informative and lots of fun.

Rose Hughes (Design, Create, and Quilt), Eva Larkin (Easy and Fun Free-Motion Quilting) and Barbara Jones (A Batch of QuiltSoup) were just a few of Martingale’s Schoolhouse presenters.

Martingale staff getting ready for Schoolhouse day (from left): Chris, Karen J., Mary B., Tracy, and me.

Saturday was the beginning of Market. We made sure everything was organized, put on our smiles and comfortable shoes, and waited for shop owners to make their way over to see us. Oh, it was a busy day! Our booth was filled with authors giving demonstrations, marketing and editorial staff holding meetings, and shop owners stopping by to check out our latest books.

Here’s Rose Hughes again, getting everyone excited about her new book Design, Create, and Quilt.

Linda Lum DeBono shows off her latest book, Sew Merry and Bright.

Here’s Kari Carr demonstrating techniques from her new book out next month, Twice as Nice.

Julie Herman talks with shop owners about her book, Skip the Borders.

Jaynette Huff gets ready to introduce her new book, Paper-Piecing Quilts of Praise, to the Market crowd.

Darra Williamson and Christine Porter talk up their adorable new book, Cuddle Me Quick.

On Sunday and Monday, our booth stayed busy, and displays drew everybody in to take a look.

Doesn’t the booth look beautiful? What wonderful quilts!

Here’s the other half. More fantastic quilts!

The Martingale gang.

Monday, after Market, we disassembled the booth and loaded it back into the crate…

…and then we went out to a much-needed celebratory dinner.

So, what are my thoughts on the state of the quilting industry? Our industry is strong and continues to grow. There are so many wonderful fabric companies, fabric designers, pattern designers, authors, tools, and tricks out there! There’s so much to look forward to as new books and products debut at local shops this season.

On Tuesday we got ready to catch our flight back home to Seattle. We had a little time to do some shopping and came across the shoes pictured below. As I mentioned earlier, I know Quilt Market. I also happen to know shoes.

These are not Market shoes.

We’re home now and already talking about things we’ll be doing at Spring Quilt Market in Portland. Our plans are starting with just a whisper.

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  • So many great books & quilts to see! Lucky you!

    Is that Mt. St. Helens in the top photo?

    Hello Trillium,
    It’s Mt Rainier. Isn’t it gorgeous?
    ~Cornelia from Martingale

    trillium on November 6, 2012
  • I am so envious this looks so lovely and all these clever people, my fingers are itching to try all of the patterns and designs!!! I live in a very third world country so don’t even get to meet any "quilting" people so to go to one of these events must be fantastic.

    —Sheleen on November 12, 2012
  • Great writeup and terrific photos – congratulations to you all!

    —Laura Loscalzo on November 13, 2012

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