Exquisite shawls made easy: knit them top down! (+ giveaway)

Seasoned knitters, newish knitters, and wanna-be knitters, today is your day! Five-time author Jen Lucas is back with a dozen lacy shawls to knit three ways: some are wedges, some are crescents, and others are half-circles. And they all start at the top!

Top-Down Shawls

Here’s what’s so fun about Top-Down Shawls: you cast on just two or three stitches to start, and then watch your shawl grow row by row. Both charted and written instructions are included, so you can choose your favorite way to follow along. And just look at the stunning shawls you can knit—talk about draping yourself in a dream!

From Top-Down Shawls

In addition to 12 cozy shawl patterns, Jen has even more in store for your next knitting adventure. If you accept her challenge, she’ll inspire you to unleash your inner designer with templates for wedge, crescent, and half-circle shawls, plus 18 stitch patterns to mix and match in mesmerizing one-of-a-kind projects. YOU choose the style and the stitches!

Lavendula shawl

Beautiful outdoor photography features each project in a nature setting, draped open so you can see all the beautiful lacy details. Each shawl is also shown on a model, so you can accurately judge sizes and see options for wearing the shawls you make.

Pekara shawl

We’re excited to have Jen as our guest writer today to tell us more about Top-Down Shawls!

Jen LucasWhen I was growing up, I loved those Choose Your Own Adventure books. I started to ponder—what if I created a knitting book that had a choose-your-own-adventure element to it? It seemed like a fun idea, and Top-Down Shawls was born.

Whether you want an adventure in your knitting or you simply want to follow a pattern, you’ll find something you’ll love in this book. I’ve created 12 patterns for you to follow, or you can work the templates at the end of the book and make your own decisions about the shawl you want to make.

For Top-Down Shawls, I focused on three popular top-down shawl shapes. First, the wedge shawl. Triangle shawls continue to be a popular shawl shape, and I explore both two-wedge and three-wedge shapes in this book.

Kokedama shawl

Next, I explore crescent shawls. These shawls might be my favorite to both knit and wear. The crescent shawl typically has a longer wingspan than other top-down shawls, which makes it very easy to style.

Delicado shawl

Finally, I visit the half-circle shawl. I love using the pi shawl shaping developed by Elizabeth Zimmermann for these fun and classic shawls. The best part of these shawls is that the shaping happens on just a few increasing rows. The rest of the shawl is worked back and forth without having to worry about any increases or other shaping.

Struttura shawl

Top-Down Shawls is for all knitters. If you want to leave the thinking and design decisions to me, there are 12 shawl patterns ready to be knit. If you want a little more of an escapade, you can check out the design-your-own sections in the back of the book. There you’ll find templates for easy top-down shawl shapes and several stitch patterns to plug into the template. You can work one stitch pattern for the entire shawl, or mix and match the stitch patterns to create something truly unique for yourself.

I hope you enjoy the new book!

Top-Down ShawlsThanks for introducing everyone to Top-Down Shawls, Jen!

We’ve got a brand-spanking-new copy of Top-Down Shawls to give away to one lucky winner today! To enter the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

When it comes to yarn are you:

a) A certified stasher
b) A use-it-as-you-buy-it knitter
c) A knitting newcomer

We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to start knitting with Jen, order Top-Down Shawls at our website and you can instantly download the eBook for free.

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