Equilateral triangle quilt tutorial: WAY easier than you might think! (video)

equilateral triangles quilt tutorialTriangles are a staple shape in so many quilts, and if you’re a confident beginner, it’s likely you’ve already sewn lots of them. They’re everywhere! But have you tried sewing equilateral triangles—where all sides and angles are the same size?

Equilateral triangles (also called 60-degree triangles) are used in all kinds of quilts, including the classic Thousand Pyramids design. And there are a lot of ways to sew them. But we think Terry Atkinson, author of the new book Follow Your Heart, may have the easiest way of all! Check out her approach in her equilateral triangle quilt tutorial:

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See? No need to be terrified of those triangles after all!

Terry’s got a variety of pretty quilts in Follow Your Heart that will tempt you to practice your 60-degree skills:

Turn Lane Table Runner
Turn Lane Table Runner

Evening Sky Quilt
Evening Sky

Follow Your Heart Sampler Quilt
Follow Your Heart Sampler Quilt

She includes quilts featuring her smart triangle techniques for flying-geese units too:

Blue Spruce Table Runner
Blue Spruce Table Runner

City Streets Quilt
City Streets

Follow Your HeartHave you worked with equilateral triangles before? 

  • Yes, and I’ve sewn them just like Terry!
  • Yes, although I used a different technique.
  • Not yet, but Terry’s triangle quilts are super cute!

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