Can easy quilts be amazing quilts too? (+giveaway)

She’s back! June Dudley, Editor of Quiltmaker magazine, is stopping by our blog today to tell you about our latest collaboration. Released just last week, Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond is packed full of quilt designs for beginners or for the experienced quilter who wants a quick and easy project.

Easy can be interesting!

Sometimes I just want to make an easy quilt—like many working women today I’m often faced with limited time and deadlines approaching, but I want to make a quilt and get it finished.

I asked our followers on Facebook recently, “What kinds of quilts do you consider to be EASY to make?” A variation of the answer that appeared multiple times is anything with Log Cabin, Nine Patch, Rail Fence, or Pinwheel blocks. I agree that those are all easy blocks, but why are they easy?

"Cobblestones" quilt
They’re simple to cut because they have repeating shapes: “Cobblestones” by Paulette Peters.

"Coin Collecting" quilt
They have few to no points to match within the blocks: “Coin Collecting” by Rachel Griffith.

"Prairie Schooner" quilt
There are few to no corners to match when you’re joining blocks: “Prairie Schooner” by Karen MacCarter.

When I want to make an easy quilt, I usually want it to be more interesting than some of those blocks that were mentioned on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong—Log Cabins, Nine Patches, Rail Fences, and Pinwheels can all make fantastic quilts. But I often want my quilts to be a bit different. I like easy quilts that have the following:

"Porcelain Petals" quilt
Large patches of beautiful fabric that make a simple design sing: “Porcelain Petals” by Colleen Reale and Chloe Anderson.

"Summer Soltice" quilt
Improvisational piecing techniques that mean matching truly doesn’t matter: “Summer Solstice” by Diane Dunder.

"Cafe Mocha" quilt
Simple techniques, like joining bands of fabric to make the units: “Café Mocha” by Amanda Murphy.

Easy Quilts for Beginners and BeyondIf you’re the kind of quiltmaker who likes interesting designs that are easy to make, then I think you’ll enjoy the newest book of Quiltmaker patterns published by Martingale, Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond. Along with the easy patterns we’ve been talking about, you’ll also find inspiring color options and helpful quilting plans and motifs to help you finish your quilts—all the good things Quiltmaker is known and loved for.

Thanks so much, June! I’m partial to quick-and-easy quilts for retreats. I like to have a project that’s less challenging so I can sew while chatting with my friends.
"Seashore Blankie" quilt
I think “Seashore Blankie” by Mickie Swall might be just the ticket for my next retreat!

See more quilts from the book at the bottom of this post.

Giveaway time! Tell us what you look for when you want to make an easy quilt. Leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of the Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond eBook. We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you’ve won. Or you can purchase the book now, download the eBook for free, and start sewing easy quilts today!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The randomly chosen winner is Tamara, who said:

“When I think of an easy quilt, I think of one that one can cut out and put together in a couple of sittings. One that the blocks can be easily matched up with one another. Or maybe one with a single focus fabric throughout the quilt top that is then blended with the other fabrics in the quilt top.”

Tamara, we’ll email you about your free eBook. Congratulations!

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