Drowning in precuts? Grab this lifesaver (+ fabric giveaway!)

Framed quilts from A Cut AboveFloating in a sea of precuts? Let designer Gerri Robinson toss you a lifesaver. As the owner and designer behind Planted Seed Designs, Gerri’s forged a fast friendship with precuts of all kinds. And through her new book, A Cut Above, you’ll learn how to best use yours.

Gerri’s quilt patterns will make beautiful use of most every pack of fabric you own—or need an excuse to own. Got 2½" and 5″ charm squares? Try the trio of framed quilts above (yep, you’ll find instructions for binding-free quilt framing inside). Got Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls? Find gorgeous designs that’ll eat them up. Got fat eighths and fat quarters? Thin out those piles of rolled-up and folded treasures just waiting for a quilt to call home. With Gerri’s new pattern collection you can simply choose a pack from your stacks; then hang a “Gone Quilting” sign on your sewing-room door.

Today Gerri is here at Stitch This! to share how her passion for precuts has been much like a whirlwind romance…that quickly transformed into a lasting love. Welcome, Gerri!

FABRIC GIVEAWAY ALERT! Our friends at Red Rooster Fabrics have generously donated two stacks of gorgeous fabric to give away from Gerri’s current “Attic Treasures” line and her upcoming “Favorite Things” line (in quilt shops February 2014). Find out how you can win a stack of your own—plus Gerri’s new book!—at the bottom of this post.Red Rooster Fabrics by Gerri Robinson
Visit Gerri’s blog for a special chapter-by-chapter look at A Cut Above; then enter to win even MORE prizes selected by Gerri herself!

Gerri RobinsonA Cut Above, my first book with Martingale, is a collection of 18 quilt projects ranging in size from simple framed wall quilts to lap quilts to queen-size bed quilts with coordinating pillow cushions, all made from precut fabric patches.

When I initially met with the editorial staff of Martingale to pitch my book, precuts were not part of my book concept. The staff encouraged me to think about and consider precuts, since they knew how highly popular precuts are. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t convinced and sat on the idea for a while. It was almost a full year before I met with them again and re-pitched my idea.

Well, as you can see, they accepted my revised proposal and that’s when the fun began. Having hardly ever worked with precut fabrics before, I didn’t want to jump right in; instead, I chose to ease into it. This “easing-into” progression of designing with precuts was the same approach we took in laying out the book.

Quilts from A Cut Above
Fat-quarter friendly “Rugby Stars” quilt; Layer-Cake filled “Friendship” quilt

The book is laid out in chapters that start with the simplest and smallest precuts in our industry: 2½" and 5″ squares. Then you’ll find projects using 10″ squares (Layer Cakes), 2½" strips (Jelly Rolls), and finally, fat quarters and fat eighths. We definitely covered all the bases.

More quilts from A Cut Above
Layer-Cake inspired quilts: “Galaxy” and “Dancing among the Stars”

In addition to the variety of precut fabric patches and strips used in the quilt designs, I wanted to show a variety of looks by playing with different styles of fabric. I wanted to touch on traditional looks and fresh, contemporary designs so A Cut Above could appeal to all kinds of quilters. In some of the projects, there were enough leftover strips of fabric that pillows and cushions were created to add even more punches of style.

Board Game quilt and coordinating pillow
“Board Game” quilt and coordinating pillow (for fat-quarter stashes)

Buttoned Up quilt and boxed cushion
Jelly-Roll friendly “Buttoned Up” quilt with coordinating boxed cushion

I hope you enjoy the projects and find yourself reaching for A Cut Above regularly when you contemplate a design or two from your own personal assortment of precuts. Did the editorial staff guide me in the right direction? We’d love to hear what you think!

A Cut AboveThanks for sharing your behind-the-scenes story with us, Gerri!

You can visit Gerri’s website here and her new blog here for more behind-the-scenes tales about A Cut Above.

How many packs of precuts do you own? (A rough estimate will do!) Share your count in the comments and you could win a copy of the A Cut Above eBook PLUS a pack of Gerri’s fabrics from Red Rooster. We’ll choose two random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

P.S.: Be sure to visit Gerri’s blog for another book sneak peek and another great giveaway!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The randomly chosen winners are Sue and Helena.

Sue writes: “I have too many fat quarters to count. I have two charm packs that I have yet to use. I would love some inspiration…”

Helena writes: “Funny you would ask about precuts. I adore them! I probably have around twelve right now but they come and go quickly. I find them so inventive and quirky. Love ’em and always want more! The book is calling my name.”

Sue and Helena, we’ll email you about your prizes. Congratulations!


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