Do you pop your quilt-block seams? (how-to video)

Last month we shared a video from Carrie Nelson that explained how to get quilt-block centers to nest together perfectly. Her how-to is a game changer!

Today we’re excited to share another video from Carrie that reveals how to press quilt block seams so your blocks lay super-flat and nest perfectly together with other blocks when it comes time to sew them together.

All it takes is a pint-sized pop. A tiny twist. A teeny twirl. Watch Carrie work her magic!

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The technique works for any unit or block where four fabrics meet. Give it a try! We promise your blocks, your quilt top—and whoever will be machine quilting your quilt—will thank you!

Sometimes you just need a friend to show you the little tricks they know. You can bet that inside Carrie’s latest book, Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites, you’ll find more simple sewing tips that’ll make you say, “Thanks, Miss Rosie!”

Carrie’s sewing tips are just icing on the cake—in the book you’ll fall for a dozen delightful quilt designs that are just Miss Rosie’s style:

Three Barns quilt
Of this Three Barns quilt, Carrie says, “You’re thinking I went a little overboard with the stars, aren’t you? It isn’t possible! When it comes to stars, more is always better! How do I know? Go outside tonight and look up into the sky. I rest my case.”

Stella Blue quilt
Of this Stella Blue quilt, Carrie says, “The block in this quilt is a simple Star block, often called an Eight-Pointed Star, Sawtooth Star, or Variable Star. I placed background fabrics randomly in the blocks, and I purposely made flying-geese units with two small triangles that matched in color but were not the same print.”

Cracked Pots quilt
Of this Cracked Pots quilt, Carrie says, “Due to my love affair with 1½"-wide strips, I wanted to make something that would let me indulge myself while still making something different. (An extra-quiltacular affair, if you will.) The Courthouse Steps block seemed perfect. And, I wanted houses in my quilt—another way to use those 1½"-wide strips!”

Check out this Instagram pic from @richyjr16 of SpazzyCat Designs—he transformed Cracked Pots into a fun Halloween quilt. (Don’t worry, no Halloween frights in his neighborhood!)

So, how do you flatten your quilt-block seams:

  • I use the same method as Carrie!
  • I press all my seams open.
  • I press, press, press . . . and then I press again.

Tell us your method in the comments!






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