Creative quilters 💕 That time our editor repurposed a quilt on Instagram . . .

A fun thing happened a few weeks ago on our Instagram page—so fun, we wanted you to see it too!

We shared a little project that our acquisitions and development editor Amelia Johanson made to cover and cushion her sewing-room chair. It’s the Sister’s Choice Table Topper by Beth Bradley from the new book Lunch-Hour Patchwork.

Here’s the original project from the book:

Sister's Choice Table Topper
Sister’s Choice Table Topper by Beth Bradley—cute!

And here are the before-and-after pics of Amelia’s chair:



Amelia heard that one of our Instagram followers had asked for a little binding tutorial so she could make the chair cover she saw on our feed. What did Amelia do? She sprang into action! Within about 20 minutes, Amelia had drawn diagrams to illustrate the binding process and whipped up a little how-to in words as well. Here’s what she said:

“It was really simple to turn what was designed as a table topper into a chair pad. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Once you’ve finished your patchwork, layer and quilt it (fig. 1). Trim the backing and batting even with the patchwork top to create your unbound chair pad. (This topper measures 16½" x 16½".)

  2. Sew a strip of binding to each back ‘corner’ and finish by folding the binding to the underside of the chair pad and stitching down by hand (fig. 2).

  1. Cut a binding strip about 42″ long. Center and sew to the back of the chair pad. You should have approximately 15″ of excess binding extending from each side. DO NOT cut off the excess binding at the sides. Fold under the raw edges, making the strip the same width as the finished binding, and hand or machine stitch closed.
  2. Cut another binding strip approximately 70″ long and sew around the sides and front of the chair pad, making sure to leave at least 15″ of excess for ties at each back side and mitering the binding at the front corners. Fold and stitch the excess binding to create ties as you did for the back binding (fig. 3). Place on your chair and tie the loose binding in bows to secure to the chair.”

Perfect size, perfect polish! Now we’re starting to imagine the possibilities:

This pretty springtime pattern would be perfect for a chair cover:

Daisy Delight Candle Mat
Daisy Delight Candle Mat from
Sew This and That!

You’d only need four blocks to make a chair cover based on this beauty:

Identify Yourself to the Person Who Answers the Phone quilt
Identify Yourself to the Person Who Answers the Phone from
Back to Charm School

How about little Log Cabin chair covers?

Cabin Corners quilt
Cabin Corners from
Jo’s Little Favorites

Oooh, how about this one in a square shape?

Rhubarb Crisp quilt
Rhubarb Crisp by Jo Morton, from
The Big Book of Table Toppers

Or . . . how about a cover made from one of the little quilts in Kim Diehl’s new book Simple Whatnots? Now this would really dress up a chair—hole or no hole!

Scarlet Stars quilt
Scarlet Stars from
Simple Whatnots

Ah, the possibilities! Thanks for the idea, Amelia—and the how-to and the illustrations too!

Have you used your quilts in unique ways? Tell us about it in the comments!

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