Craft Book Month blog hop! A quilt goes viral

Craft Book Month with Craftbuds

Practically every Monday around here is show-and-share day. When we complete something over the weekend, we bring our projects to the office to share with each other. Usually there’s squealing and “where’d you get that fabric?” chatter.

When Karen Burns, our acquisitions editor, brought in her finished quilt top from the book Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe, it was ADORABLE! I loved the pattern, designed by Krista Fleckenstein, but I especially loved Karen’s fabric choice, Bluebird Park’s Kate & Birdie for Moda. The little woodland creatures in a city park setting were so sweet.

Karen Burns's quilt top
Karen Burns’s quilt top

I teased Karen and begged her to give me that quilt top! I figured she had so many unquilted projects, she wouldn’t know it was missing. Instead, she gave me the name of the fabric collection so I could buy it myself (next best thing). Which I did, instantly. The only difference was our choice for the fabric background—Karen went with a tan textured background; I chose yellow.

I had my quilt cut and pieced in no time. It’s a super fast and easy pattern! The following Monday I was the one sharing my finished quilt top with my coworkers.

Karen Johnson's quilt top
Karen Johnson’s quilt top

This time it was Mary Green, our former editor in chief, who admired it. She especially loved the lemony yellow. Teasingly, she asked me to give it to her. See a trend here? We always beg, but it never seems to work around here…until this time. You see, Mary was making plans to retire. I knew the minute she asked for the quilt, I would have it quilted in time for her retirement party. And I did.

Mary was shocked and ecstatic over my gift to her. I give quilts away often, but rarely to quilters. Because quilters can make their own quilts, it’s easy to forget how much they appreciate receiving one. I was surprised and touched by her appreciation. My little “pay it forward” act was well received. Here we are together at her retirement party with the finished quilt.

Karen presenting Mary with her quilt
The finished quilt, with Mary Green (left) and Karen Johnson (right)

Thanks to Lindsay at Craftbuds for letting us be a part of Craft Book Month!

Have you made a quilt for another quilter? Tell us how it was received in the comments!

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  • I did a block of the month many years ago in 30’s fabric. I was not a lover of 30’s fabrics. I gave it to a friend, who was a beginner as a quilter. She loved it and still has it.

    Elaine West on September 10, 2014
  • I gave a flannel quilt to a friend & quilter when she was going through chemo for breast cancer. There were hugs & tears, emotions all over the place. She continues to use the quilt as a cuddler & reminder of how special she is in her friend’s heart.

    —Terri on September 10, 2014
  • Haven’t yet made a quilt for another quilter, but have made 2 in honor of 2 quilters in our guild. I called them "My 2 Janes", & hung them in our annual guild show at our local library. I’d made the same Thangles Buck-a-Block quilt in 2 different colorways – batik & reproduction. Since 1 Jane preferred the batik colorway & the other preferred reproduction fabrics, the name was perfect. Quilters and those attending our show were amazed at the different look of each quilt even though I’d used the same pattern & layout for both of them.

    —Amy Cofer on September 10, 2014
  • I too give away every quilt I make. And the joy and comfort it brings to the receiver is what counts. Last year I made the quilt Garden Gradation from McCalls quilting magazine. There was something very happy about it with all of the bright colors and beautiful flowers! Well, I was sure it had an owner already and I would soon know who it would be. When it was completed it I posted it on Facebook. Well my only niece saw it and just went ga-ga over it. I enjoyed it for a few days and all of a sudden I knew who it belonged to. I wrapped it and shipped it off without telling anyone.. When it was received she was ecstatic about it. She told me it was much prettier "in person" and that it was already on her bed. She would be sleeping under it that night! Wow! Her pleasure was the best gift of all!! You see, my niece is ill with brain lesions, diabetes and a host of all that goes with it. She had just received her nursing degree when this occurred. She would no longer be able raise her children nor be alone because of forgetfulness. I just love her so much and knowing she is wrapped in that love every night is beyond what words can say.

    —Donna M Johnson on September 10, 2014
  • I have given other quilters, quilts before and I think that they appreciate them more than other people because they know the work and time that went into making it.

    —Barbara on September 10, 2014
  • Our little quilt group does a Christmas exchange and many of of make things for that. So I have done several appliqued tote bags and quilt toppers. Since everyone’s style differs, we all treasure these gifts.

    —Pamela Reim on September 10, 2014
  • I have never given a quilt to another quilter…just to non-quilters

    —Susie Furgason on September 10, 2014
  • I have made several quilts for other quilters, and each time they have been received with appreciation. A quilter knows the amount of work that goes into making a quilt and It becomes just that bit more special. The last one was for a beautiful lady who lost her house and all her quilts and materials in a fire in January this year. She doesn’t know it yet and won’t for a few weeks, but I organised the girls in the sewing group to sew a panel each and I’ve just put it all together for her in her favourite colours. We will be presenting it to her together……yep she will appreciate it 😉

    —Shirl Hair on September 10, 2014
  • My patchwork group has just made a row by row quilt for each other and the results were amazing. We each did a row and then our bag of fabric moved between members each month. Everyone rose to the challenge. I was really nervous completing the rows of the very experienced quilters. All was revealed last Tuesday and we were quite surprised by the creativity of others.

    —Irene Finch on September 10, 2014
  • Still a new quilter myself, so I not DARE make a quilt for one of my far more experienced friends! 😉 I am learning to enjoy the process more and more and next want to try my hand at hand quilting. Your quilt turned our beautiful!

    —Kristy on September 11, 2014
  • After I moved south from the Northeast I made a quilt for my quilting buddy and a separate one for her husband. He had to put up with us and our quilting shop hop trips. They were both surprised and love them; they tell me they use them every day and have them displayed on their couches. Meanwhile she had been making one for me and when they visited we exchanged quilts. I love mine and it is very special to me.

    —Cecilia Desilets on September 12, 2014
  • Some years back I made a lap quilt for my friend Lucille, a quilter.
    I cut 7″squares of her favorite colors (yellow and red) and appliqued circles of novelty fabrics that reflected her interests and life on them.
    She hadn’t known I was making her a quilt; was stunned and loved it.

    —Gollytwo on September 12, 2014
  • I did give one quilt to my oldest daughter who is the one who got me quilting in the first place. She came to visit with PP patterns printed out for hot pads and she sat down and showed me how you PP. She got done and I said OK, lets go to the kitchen. Oh, no you don’t she said, if you don’t sit down and do one right now, you will forget everything I told you. What could I do? I sat down and made my first PP hot pad and have been quilting ever since. I made her a Batik bricks with black spacing between.

    Donna on September 14, 2014
  • A friend snd I made a quilt this spring for another friend recently diagnosed with cancer. It was made with sewing themed fabric and had a brown flannel backing. Every time she has a chance she is resting under her sewing quilts and getting hugs from both of us while she us under it. Live her dearly and ir was a pleasure making it for her.

    —Kelly giewont on September 25, 2014
  • I made a Ladybug quilt for our out-going CCQ Guild President. My design came from the Martingale calendar – month of June featuring Ladybugs. I used the Creative Grids Indian Hatchet ruler using the "Hatchet" in white for signatures and the side pieces in blue to resemble clouds. She loved it! At the meeting, that night, everyone present had an opportunity to sign it. I greatly admire this woman, in spite of all her aches, pains, and illnesses, she keeps a cheery disposition.

    Keep smiling,

    Lynnita Shipman on November 30, 2014

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