From Moda to Martingale: a family sews up success (+ fabric giveaway!)

Big Bang QuiltWhat can be accomplished by a mother-and-two-daughters team that loves to sew? How about five fabric lines for Moda, a popular pattern line, and now a book featuring their easy, cute sewing projects? Cheers to the family that plays together!

In Sweet and Simple Sewing, Jessi Jung, Carrie Jung, and Lauren Jung offer a mix of beautiful quilts and practical designs that make it fun to toggle between your quilting and sewing personalities. Plus, many of the small sewing projects require less than a yard of fabric and can be made in just a few hours. Choose a bigger project or select something short and sweet—with so many charming designs, you can start with whatever fits your time-to-sew schedule.

Today, Carrie Jung is here to dish about the family business—and how their close personal and professional partnership led to their first book. Welcome, Carrie!

FABRIC GIVEAWAY ALERT! Our friends at Moda have generously provided three charm-square packs from Lauren Jung and Jessi Jung’s “Chantilly” fabric line to give away to you! Learn at the bottom of this post how you can win one, plus a copy of Sweet and Simple Sewing.

Chantilly fabrics

Jessi, Carrie, and Lauren JungPhoto, from left: Jessi, Carrie, and Lauren

It’s been a busy year for us Jung girls, but we can finally say that after a good bit of blood, sweat, and tears, our first book, Sweet and Simple Sewing, can now be found on the shelves of your local quilt store! I look back now and I can’t believe that it’s been just over a year that we signed our contract and started this process.

Writing a book had always been something that everyone at Lauren + Jessi Jung Designs had wanted to do. Each time we’d create a pattern that we were particularly proud of, we would file it away in our when-we-write-a-book stash. After a while we’d amassed quite the collection of patterns but we had no idea how to get started, which is where Karen Burns, Martingale’s acquisitions editor, comes in. After visiting with us at Quilt Market and exchanging quite a few emails, she convinced us to write a book proposal…and, well, the rest is history.

Sweet and Simple Sewing is a compilation of sewing patterns that my mom, Jessi Jung, and I have been sewing over the years. Many of these projects can be found in our own homes or the homes of our friends, as many of them make for great gifts.

Detail of Berry Pillow and Pincushions
Detail of “Berry Pillow and Pincushions”

We’re fabric designers, so it’s not too much of a stretch to know that beautiful fabric is one of our favorite things. My mom and I are alike in that we share a passion for cutting up said fabric and sewing it back together (which is something that we hope is apparent in our book!), although we do take slightly different approaches.

I learned to sew in college, thanks to my tight student budget. Typically, whenever I needed something like a makeup bag or even a daily planner, I’d make one myself. My patterns for these projects have evolved since then, but they still prove useful and fun, which is why they’ve secured a spot in our book.

Makeup Bag and Hand-Bound Journals
“Makeup Bag” and “Hand-Bound Journals”

I also like to think outside the box when it comes to fabric use. Patterns like the “Pleats-a-Plenty Clutch” have a way of transforming your fabrics into something entirely new. It’s an exciting process, and the result is pretty stunning as well.

“Pleats-a-Plenty” clutch

My mom, Jessi, is the quilter of the family. She’s been crazy about the craft for as long as I can remember. Designing quilt patterns is what she does to relax, and her house has the graph-paper sketchbooks to prove it.

Jessi's sketchbook
Inside one of Jessi’s sketchbooks

All of the quilts in this book have been pulled from those pages. Mom’s style is very patchworky and lends itself well to precuts, something you’ll find often in her pattern supply lists.

The “Gypsy Moth” quilt uses 10″ Layer Cake squares.

“Gypsy Moth”

And one of our favorite patterns, the “Pencil Box” quilt, uses 2½" Jelly Roll strips.

“Pencil Box”

I hope this book shows you that you don’t need to be a master quilter or sewist to create some great things. We’ve included projects that will suit all skill levels, but the truth is, most anyone can complete them all. If you like a project but feel your skill may not be up to snuff yet, I say try it! Remember, your seam ripper is your friend. Learn to love it.

Sweet and Simple SewingThanks for sharing the story behind your family’s success, Carrie—we wish you more of the same with your new book!

See all 13 projects from Sweet and Simple Sewing.

Which came first for you: quilting or sewing? Share your stitching history in the comments and you could win a copy of Sweet and Simple Sewing plus the beautiful fabric pack from Moda! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! We’ve chosen three random winners.

Marti says: “I learned to sew about 20 years ago, but I have been teaching myself how to quilt recently.”

Claire says: “Started sewing at 6 but love quilting now. My husband has even started to make his own shirts!”

Mitzie says: “I have been around sewing and quilting my entire life. My grandmother and mother both sewed and quilted. I don’t exactly remember the age, but I have some star blocks I made as a kid that have absolutely NO points in their centers. My more successful first attempts were helping my mother tie corduroy and flannel quilts. I loved cutting the threads between quilt pieces my mother chain pieced, too.”

We’ll email you about your prizes. Congratulations!


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