Classic or modern quilts? Have cake, eat too (video + giveaway!)

New quilt-book release: Vintage Vibe

Quilts from Vintage VibeCan’t decide whether you love classic quilts or modern quilts more? Why choose—you can have the best of both worlds!

Join past and present as you update classic quilt blocks with fresh, modern fabrics in the new book Vintage Vibe. Newcomer Amber Johnson shares sweet, pretty quilts to make—all ooh-and-ahh inducing for traditional and modern quilters alike.

We’re thrilled to have Amber as a guest blogger to tell us about her favorite part of the quiltmaking process—fabric selection. Don’t miss the step-by-step fabric-selection tips Amber shares in the video below.

Amber JohnsonWhen I was barely married (and the ripe old age of 20) I asked my grandmother to teach me how to quilt. She was an avid quilter and ecstatic to be able to share her passion with another member of our family. I was taken by her love of antiques and scrappy quilts and I feel her influence in my quilting today. I love to mix old and new, whether it’s in my patterns, fabric selection, or machine quilting.

Quilts from Vintage Vibe
Quilts from Vintage Vibe

Playing Favorites quilt
Churn Dash gets a modern makeover in “Playing Favorites,” inspired by a quilt that Amber’s grandmother made.

See more tradition-with-a-twist quilts in Vintage Vibe >

Fabric selection is one of my favorite parts of the quiltmaking process. In Vintage Vibe, I offer tips for buying, storing, and using fabric. I show the sources of my color inspiration for some of the projects, and share some of the color lessons I’ve learned in my 16 years of quilting.

Scrap Jars quilt
“Scrap Jars” marries fabrics from today and yesterday: can you spot the three vintage fabrics Amber included? (Get the answer at the bottom of this post.)

Growing Up quiltOne of my favorite projects from the book is called “Growing Up” (right). It takes a traditional appliqué motif, Orange Peel, and puts a big, bold spin on it! The color scheme is based on one of my favorite Carolyn Gavin prints, and I included the print in my book so you can see how everyday objects can translate into quilts. Whenever you’re looking for inspiration, look toward items you love!

Check out this video we put together at Quilt Market to see a completely different quilt I made using the “Growing Up” pattern. This one’s a baby-size version in a different color scheme, using a new source of inspiration. If you’re a quilter who struggles with fabric selection, this will give you great tips!

Reading this in email? See the “Choosing Fabrics for Quilts: Finding Your Inspiration” video at the Stitch This! blog or watch it on YouTube.

I hope Vintage Vibe will help you make meaningful, beautiful quilts inspired by things you love. And I hope that with my little video, you’ll have more confidence when choosing fabrics for your projects.

Happy quilting!

Vintage VibeThanks for sharing your new book with us, Amber!

Pick up your copy of Vintage Vibe at your friendly neighborhood quilt shop or at

Print book: $24.99 (with free eBook)

eBook: $16.99

How far back does your stash go? Tell us what year you started your stash in the comments and you could win a copy of the Vintage Vibe eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Marguerite, who says:

“Well looking back, my quilt stash probably started 8 years ago. However, other fabrics have been in my stash for 30 years. LOL!!”

Marguerite, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!

Vintage fabrics from Scrap Jars quiltDid you find the vintage fabrics in Amber’s “Scrap Jars” quilt? They’re in row 1, third from the left; row 2, second from the left; and row 4, first on the left. Amber’s grandmother gave them to her years ago.


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