For them—for you!: Christmas sewing ideas

Why does “Christmas in July” come around each year, just like any other holiday? For many, August and September are packed with back-to-school activity. October and November have their own holidays to keep us busy. And all of a sudden—BAM!—it’s December. How’d that happen?!?

July is an opportune time to start stitching in anticipation of the biggest holiday of the year. And we’re here to help you prepare! Below you’ll find quick gift-making ideas for most everyone on your list (we’re talking weekend projects here!). Print out the handy Handmade Holiday Gift List below, write down your lucky gift recipients, and start browsing for the perfect present to make for each person.

Handmade Holiday Gift List
Download and print your Handmade Holiday Gift List.

Whether you’re looking for a gift geared toward a recipient’s interests or a Christmas-themed project someone could enjoy year after year, you’ll find terrific projects to choose from below.

Think of it: come Christmas Eve, you could be sipping eggnog by a relaxing fire—or up with Santa speeding through last-minute stitches. What’s it gonna be? Take the opportunity to get inspired and prepared for Christmas 2013 now!

Sew the Perfect GiftSew the Perfect Gift: 25 Handmade Projects from Top Designers

Create a gift that fits someone’s personality and style to a T, or make a project in multiples to have at the ready when the gift-giving mood strikes—or the gift-giving deadline arrives. From quick table toppers to pillows, wall quilts, and bags for every reason, you’ll find a go-to gift idea for most anyone on your list in this resourceful book. Choose from 25 fun projects that are small, quick, and easy to complete.

Projects from Sew the Perfect Gift
“Swingy Shoulder Bag” and “Recycled-Wool Wristlet Purse and Companion Cup Cozy”

Projects from Sew the Perfect Gift 2
“Harvest Bouquet Candle Mat” and “Totally Taupe Table Runner”

Projects from Sew the Perfect Gift 3
“Poinsettia Table Runner” and “We Three Trees Quilt”

Simple Style: Easy Weekend Quilts by Sara Diepersloot

Simple StyleAttention, fabric stashers: if you think making stash quilts for numerous people on your holiday gift list sounds like too much of a time crunch, think again. The designs in Simple Style are inspired by large-scale prints and novelty fabrics—and Sara, a mother of four, assures that they’re worthy of your weekends. To quote Sara: “Many quilters today don’t have a lot of extra time in their busy schedules, and a quilt with 500 tiny triangles just isn’t going to happen!” Squares, rectangles, and a few strategically placed triangles—along with high-impact fabrics—make these 15 designs Christmas-gift friendly (especially when you start in July).


Projects from Simple Style
“Batik Addiction” and “Grown-Up Girls”

Projects from Simple Style 2
“Picnic Time” and “Asian Squares”

Christmas Stars quilt
“Christmas Stars”

Everyday HandmadeEveryday Handmade: 22 Practical Projects for the Modern Sewist by Cassie Barden and Adrienne Smitke

It’s a worry many stitchers have: people on your gift list who don’t sew won’t appreciate your gift-making efforts. But choosing gifts with a purpose—making them both beautiful and useful—will impress people who have never even been near a sewing machine! See just a few of the form-and-function projects from Everyday Handmade below; click the cover to see all the projects from the book.


Projects from Everyday Handmade
“Hedgehog Pincushion” and “Cutting Garden Coasters”

Projects from Everyday Handmade 2
“Literary Genius eReader Cover” and “Wild Strawberry Pot Holder”

Projects from Everyday Handmade 3
“Paris Afternoon Tea Service Set” and “The Portlander Shoulder Bag”

Stitched for FunStitched for Fun: 35 Easy and Adorable Embroidery Projects by Fiona Goble

If you’re looking to do some really speedy gift-making, think about going hybrid—half ready-made gift, half handmade gift. Embroidery can personalize so many fabric items, and it’s a quick way to give any gift a unique touch. Plus, these motifs aren’t your grandmother’s elaborate, time-consuming designs—these are easy, whimsical, and fun. Check out all the motifs, and the many items to embroider them onto, in this blog post. Fiona also includes six items to make from scratch and then embroider.


Projects from Stitched for Fun
“Kitchen Sink Drama” and “The Long and Short of It”

Projects from Stitched for Fun 2
“The Perfect Pooch” and “A Little Birdie Told Me”

Projects from Stitched for Fun 3
“Do the Funky Chicken” and “Dream a Little Dream”

For more Christmas in July fun, check out the Christmas-themed books featured below. Find wall quilts, cuddle quilts, bed quilts, tree skirts, stockings, table runners, and much more. All of these projects can easily become gifts, too! Browse the books below and start dreaming about decorating your home—or someone else’s—for the holidays.

Christmas with Artful Offerings
Christmas with Artful Offerings: Delicious Cookie-Cutter Designs for Quilting, Sewing, and Punchneedle
by Karina Hittle

The Quilter's Home--Winter
The Quilter’s Home: Winter by Lois Krushina Fletcher

Adoration Quilts
Adoration Quilts: Appliqué Nativity Projects by Rachel W. N. Brown

Christmas Cats and Dogs
Christmas Cats and Dogs: Quilts to Celebrate the Season by Janet Kime

Christmas at That Patchwork Place
Christmas at That Patchwork Place

Merry Christmas Quilts
Merry Christmas Quilts

Favorite Christmas Quilts from That Patchwork Place
Favorite Christmas Quilts from That Patchwork Place

Make Room for Christmas Quilts
Make Room for Christmas Quilts: Quilts and Decorating Ideas from Nancy J. Martin

Who are you excited to stitch for this Christmas? Tell us your gift-giving story in the comments!


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  • I have been so busy sewing for everybody else, that my Christmas quilt has not been touched for over a year. We are moving to a new house in the Fall, and I would really like to finish my Christmas quilt this year.

    —Lynne on July 8, 2013
  • I made myself an embroidered nativity that is so cute with all of the animals. I also wrote a poem I stitch out to go with it. I have wanted to do some for my brother and sisters for quite a while and never got around to it. This is the year!!! I have them started and have to keep at it cause they are a huge amount of work and very time consuming. I’m very excited to give them to my loved ones.

    —Marsha Nelson on July 8, 2013
  • My Son-in-Law is an ethical hunter, using every part of the slain animal, including meat, bones, hide, etc., and I have a deer quilt, I started many years ago and have hopes of finishing it for him. I do not believe in the senseless killing of animals for sport or trophy, but I do understand the need to thin the herds, so others may live and not die of starvation.

    I have a "Rudolph" door hanger pattern and I’m hoping to make several for our volunteers at the local food bank. These men and women, work tireless without pay and are always ready to help. In a world of sadness, jobless, and hunger, thier friendly smiles greet those who are in need and quite often, they are not rewarded for thier services with a simple thank you. I cannot, thank them enough.

    Keep smiling,

    Lynnita Shipman on July 8, 2013
  • Oh my gosh…I am so excited this year…you see along with learning to quilt which I’ve been doing for a long time…giving my children quilts for xmas every year…this year I get to give them homemade knitted sweater sets that I made….yup…I learned some knitting again this year…how to do something new…so all my three wonderful kids get brand new sweaters, toques, mitts, and 6 pair of socks each….I’m having a blast knitting and quilting…This year is going to be awesome….but so is every year….Have a great quilting or crafting day….

    —Darlene Krystal on July 9, 2013

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