Celebrate country life: Joined at the Hip quilt patterns

Country Roads quiltThe design team known as Joined at the Hip are kindred spirits, but not only because of their love of quilting. Both Tammy Johnson and Avis Shirer were born and raised on Iowa farms. Their families have been farming for generations, going back to their great-great-grandparents.

In their book Farm Girl Quilts, Tammy and Avis share a glimpse into farming life through their country-style quilts and through the stories that inspired them. Enjoy a few tales from the book below, then let these quilts inspire you to stitch your own ode to country life.


Weathervane quilt

“When I was eight, my family moved to my grandpa’s farm. Grandpa loved walking around the farm, checking on all the buildings. On the roof of one of them—the corncrib—was a weathervane. Grandpa could tell how strong the wind was by how fast the little cups were spinning, and this helped him plan his day. We wouldn’t want to clean out the barn and spread manure if the wind was going to blow that lovely scent right back to the house—especially if it was laundry day and the clothes were hanging on the line!”


“Sunrise in the Farm Garden”

Sunrise in the Farm Garden quilt

“In addition to being grain farmers, my parents raised cattle and had milk cows, chickens, and pigs. Mother helped Dad with all of the grain farming and the livestock chores. Yet somehow she found time to plant and tend a large vegetable garden. The garden was big enough that she canned or froze enough food to feed our family of four for the entire year. Mother also found time to maintain stunning flowerbeds. These flowerbeds were such a thing of beauty—vivid shades of orange, red, and yellow everywhere. This quilt is dedicated to my mom. She loved sunrises, flowers, and most of all she loved living on the farm.”


“Snow on Furrowed Ground”

Snow on Furrowed Ground quilt

“Every fall, after the crops have been harvested, the ground is turned under with a plow. The black slabs of earth sit silently all winter, often covered with a thick blanket of snow. Rain, sleet, and snow fall on the fields, breaking down the furrowed ground. In the spring, the ground has turned into a rich, loamy soil, just perfect to start the growing season all over again. The colors in this quilt remind me of freshly fallen snow covering the furrowed ground. The touch of red symbolizes the beautiful red barns that dot the countryside.”


See more country beauties like these—and read about the memories that inspired them—in Farm Girl Quilts:

From Farm Girl Quilts

Farm Girl QuiltsWhat kind of life do you like best: the country life or the city life? Tell us in the comments!

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