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Martingale Insider Book Club

Another book club perk--Cornelia!Hi there, Cornelia from the Martingale customer service department here! In addition to my customer service duties, I’m also the coordinator for our Insider Book Club. Did you know that we have a Book Club? And did you know that by joining our Book Club, you can receive a 35% discount on every order you place? It’s true! So if you’re a lover of books about quilting, sewing, knitting, or crochet, you need to keep reading.

Free gift certificate for Insider Book Club membersIt’s only $14.99 to join. And when you join, you’ll receive a FREE $40 gift certificate that you can spend on our website right away—as in right now!* Then, for a whole year, you’ll receive 35% off all of your purchases. All we ask is that you purchase at least four items during that year to maintain your membership.

(Just a quick aside—did you know that we bundle our books with FREE downloadable eBooks? We do. For everyone, all the time, whenever eBooks are available. If you buy a book from us we’ll send you the same book as an eBook instantly, for free. So, in review: Real book on its way to you. An eBook on your computer, immediately after you place your order. Very cool.)

Each month as a member of the book club, you’ll receive an email outlining the Featured Selection plus other new releases for that month—like these books coming out soon!

New quilt books coming soon!

When you respond to your email, you’ll have three choices:

1. Yes! Send me the Featured Selection immediately!

Your order for the Featured Selection only will ship the next business day.

2. Cancel my automatic shipment, I’ll place my own order.

This option stops the Featured Selection from shipping automatically. Use this option if you want something other than the featured selection OR if you want the featured selection plus other items. Now the control is in your hands! You can place your order any time you are ready and it will ship the next business day—and you get 35% off all your selections!

3. Cancel my automatic shipment, no shipments this month.

This option is self explanatory. Just keep in mind that no matter when you place an order, our system will still count it as a purchase towards your book-club obligation of only four items per year.

4. No response

You will still receive the Featured Selection, which will ship in about two weeks. This gives you just a little extra time to think about it.

Joining is easy! Visit us at ShopMartingale.com, add the Insider Book Club membership to your shopping cart, and you’ll be off and running!

Have more questions? Click here for more information, or email me directly at bookclub@shopmartingale.com and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Long-time member Ray Barreras says:  “I love the book club. The books from Martingale are high quality—in subject matter and in quality of the printed page. It is easy to belong because I get a monthly notification about what is coming next month. I simply email back and the books are as good as delivered. I look forward to the email by the end of the month! It has been my personal pleasure to belong to the club!”

Join us, won’t you?

Find out more about the club: FAQs | membership terms | sign up!

* Please note that the books you purchase with your gift certificate do not count towards your membership obligation.

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