⭐ Appliquéd stars a snap? ⭐ Yes – when you use wool and fusible web! (+ video)

Wool applique starWe’ve shared several wool-appliqué techniques with you over the years. Why? Because every Martingale author who uses wool appliqué has her own little spin. Maggie Bonanomi, Roseann Kermes, Bonnie Sullivan, and Debbie Busby have all shared their quick-and-easy techniques, and we’ve tried and loved them all!

But how do the French do it?

Well, we happen to know how at least one French quilter appliqués wool!

French Farmhouse author Marie-Claude Picon has a sparkling talent for blending two beloved quiltmaking styles. The foundation of her quilts is inspired by the beauty of vintage patchwork quilts, while the textured appliqué details she dreams up for her designs are rooted in the primitive style—and wool is often a focus. The result is so warm, so welcoming . . . so French, so farmhouse!

Wish upon a Star quilt
Wish upon a Star

One thing we can tell you is that if you’ve shied away from other kinds of appliqué—needle-turn, back-basting, or freezer-paper, to name a few—you are going to love no-fray wool appliqué with Marie’s special French twist. Her technique’s as easy as ordering French fries, opening French doors, or listening to a French horn (note we said listening, not playing). Take a look!

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Marie’s technique is used on many of the beautiful quilts in French Farmhousebut it’s not just for stars! Look at the other woolly wonders you can create with Marie’s method, such as:


Simply Houses quilt
Simply Houses


Marie's Alphabet quilt
Marie’s Alphabet

And even woolly little sheep!

Les Moutons quilt
Les Moutons

See more from Marie-Claude’s book, French Farmhouse >>>

What’s your favorite way to appliqué?

  • Wool appliqué, hands down—just like Marie-Claude.
  • Machine appliqué, with a zigzag or blanket stitch.
  • Hand appliqué for sure—it’s just my speed.

Share your answer in the comments!

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