Anniversary week! Free quilting tutorials roundup, day 1

Happy anniversary, Stitch This!

Welcome to day one of QUILT TUTORIALS WEEK—and our weeklong blog-anniversary celebration!

Our official anniversary arrives on Thursday, so before we officially celebrate, we’re reminiscing by sharing a week’s worth of free quilting tutorials from the past year. Bookmark them, pin them, however you save them—but keep this week’s posts handy for the times when you need them!

Today’s quilt-tutorial roundup topic: Quilting 101

The basics. The fundamentals. The little essentials that quilters need to know.spacer 10px deep

How to make a quilt sandwich

10 types of sewing-machine feet

How to cut straight fabric strips

3 ways to sew curves

5 essential tips for precut fabrics

How to square up quilt blocks

How to transfer embroidery designs to fabric

And here’s another favorite from last year—a just-for-fun quiz that’ll introduce you to a few “new” classic quilt blocks.

Classic quilt blocks quiz

Commence saving, sharing, pinning…and quilting!

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What do you think quilting newbies need to know about first (and what did you immerse yourself in when you began): design, color, or techniques? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Since I had seen clothing and had studied art, I had a pretty good grip on color and design. I needed technique classes and tutorials. I still like to take a class as every teacher may have a technique or little tip or notion that I can use to improve my work or make something just a bit easier.

    —Judi on March 9, 2015
  • Quilting newbies need to know that it is not a race & should be fun. Once that is acknowledged, everything will come as needed. Surround yourself with many other quilters of all stages of experience as GOOD questions & answers come from every direction. HAVE FUN!

    Dorothy Dishman on March 9, 2015
  • Everyone is different. There are always new techniques to learn. Finding what works for you is what is important. Some people have a natural understanding of color and some of us have lots to learn. Just jump in and play and find your way. Learn the rules and feel free to break them (except where safety is involved). Enjoy yourself and your mistakes. Learning should be fun!

    —Diane S on March 9, 2015
  • Join a quilt guild and learn to sew 1/4 inch seams. There are always quilters willing to help newbies.

    Jane Tucker on March 9, 2015
  • Personnally as I am a beginner I found difficult to choose which batting I should use in a project. Specially the one I deceide to create with my stash.

    —Diane on March 9, 2015
  • I started with a placemat Kit, and haven’t stopped since. The hardest thing was choising fabric after I had bought a quilting book from a book club. Value was not on my mind as I had been making my own clothes with blending not contrasting fabric for years. Now there are so many ‘sets ‘ Fat quarters. cake layers. rolls etc to start with for new quilters.

    —ELIZAJANE on March 10, 2015
  • For newbies, it is supposed to be fun, relaxing and creative. If it gets to the point that it is stressful, it no longer is fun. Walk away and let it rest for a while then come back to it. My guild calls me an over achiever because I do get a lot done, but the key word is that I enjoy it. I have projects that started being a headache, so they have been in a container for a while. One of these days, I will go back to them. The first one that comes to mind, the next section – first line – cut 180 – 1″ squares. That is not really something that I look forward to doing right now, one of these days, it will get done.

    —connie b on March 11, 2015
  • I have only been quilting about 5 months, I had a couple of classes, watched a LOT of youtube tutorials, and belong to a few FB quilting groups, I have taken on maybe an unrealistic goal of making quilts for all my grown children and their families. Amounts to around 20 quilts, some are for little ones so they are pretty small but most are queen or full size. I find I am rushing my self and have to get up, go make a fresh cuppa and play on the computer for a while, then I can go back and enjoy doing what I have found that I love doing. I never dreamed as a little girl in the 50’s, watching my granny hand quilt, that someday I would take up quilting my self!

    What a wonderful story, Judy–thanks for sharing it with us and good luck with your goal! –Jenny

    —Judy Pennington on March 11, 2015
  • As a not so new quilter, I still remember learning from a small, local quilt group. First meeting, they encouraged me to try my hand at quilting right on a member’s quilt! Next I was given a packet of templates and directions to make 2 blocks…color choice up to me. I learned by doing and never looked back. If I could add anything to my experience, it would be to take a class early on and learn all I could from books, magazines, and the internet (didn’t have that in the 1980’s). Now I love to design my own quilts and give them away to special people in my life. The most difficult part for me is making sure the pattern can be seen by using contrast instead of using matching, blended colors. Learning the basics makes it easier to have the knowledge to fly free and express yourself!

    —Linda Towers on March 13, 2015

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