Anniversary week! Free quilting tutorials roundup, day 1

Happy anniversary, Stitch This!

Welcome to day one of QUILT TUTORIALS WEEK—and our weeklong blog-anniversary celebration!

Our official anniversary arrives on Thursday, so before we officially celebrate, we’re reminiscing by sharing a week’s worth of free quilting tutorials from the past year. Bookmark them, pin them, however you save them—but keep this week’s posts handy for the times when you need them!

Today’s quilt-tutorial roundup topic: Quilting 101

The basics. The fundamentals. The little essentials that quilters need to know.spacer 10px deep

How to make a quilt sandwich

10 types of sewing-machine feet

How to cut straight fabric strips

3 ways to sew curves

5 essential tips for precut fabrics

How to square up quilt blocks

How to transfer embroidery designs to fabric

And here’s another favorite from last year—a just-for-fun quiz that’ll introduce you to a few “new” classic quilt blocks.

Classic quilt blocks quiz

Commence saving, sharing, pinning…and quilting!

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What do you think quilting newbies need to know about first (and what did you immerse yourself in when you began): design, color, or techniques? Tell us in the comments!

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