An easier way to applique: stitch-and-flip method (must-see video 🎬)

Stitch and Flip method for appliqueIf you feel like your hand appliqué isn’t as precise as you’d like it to be, today’s post is for you!

Stitched from the Heart author Kori Turner-Goodhart was in the same boat: she felt that her traditional needle-turn appliqué lacked finesse—until a change of technique allowed her to create out-of-this-world appliqué. Here’s what she had to say about it.

Kori Turner-Goodhart“The perfectionist in me wants my appliqué shapes to be exactly like the pattern. My mom taught me a method that I love. We call it Stitch-and-Flip appliqué. This technique uses a little extra fabric and takes a little extra time, but your appliqué shapes will come out impeccably. The reason for the extra fabric is to hide any show-through (where you can see the background fabric through the appliqué shape), and also to mimic the look of needle-turn appliqué. Try it—I think you’ll love how it looks.”

We were lucky to sit down with Kori recently, and she showed us exactly how the Stitch-and-Flip method works. Watch, learn, and ooh and aah below!

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It’s easy to see how Kori’s appliqué shapes turn out so flawlessly. And now you can joyfully say “YES!” to appliqué too! Kori’s patterns in Stitched from the Heart will inspire you to play with the clever technique.

You could appliqué a pair of chatty birdies:

Beloved Bed Runner
Beloved Bed Runner

Or create pockets of posies:

Pocket for Your Thoughts Wall Hanging
Pocket for Your Thoughts Wall Hanging

Stitch a simple ode to love:

Good Heart Love Quilt
Good Heart Love Quilt

Or a heartfelt ode to family:

Heart of the Family Banner
Heart of the Family Banner

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Stitched from the HeartHave you tried the Stitch-and-Flip method of appliqué?

  • It’s the only way I appliqué!
  • I appliqué in all kinds of ways.
  • I’ve yet to try it, but I plan to give it a whirl!

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