An all-in-one ruler for quilters? It exists!

Rotary rulers. How many do you own? It seems like there’s a different ruler out there for every cutting task. But did you know there’s one ruler designed to do the job of many? It proudly proclaims its mission in its name: the All-in-One Ruler™.

All-in-One Ruler
The ruler measures 6″ x 18″—no bigger than many rectangular rotary rulers.

The All-in-One Ruler helps you cut basic squares, rectangles, and strips, of course. But because of the diagonal slant on the right and the special markings on the back, it may be the only ruler you’ll ever need.

Things start to get exciting when you learn how the ruler helps with cutting triangles. Instead of cutting squares from yardage, and then cross-cutting those squares into triangles, the ruler helps you easily cut triangles from strips of fabric. See here:

Cutting half-square triangles from strips
Cutting half-square triangles from strips. The ruler makes diagonal cutting a snap. Position the ruler on top of the strip as shown (above left) and cut along the diagonal edge. To cut the next triangle, rotate and flip the ruler to the right (above right) and cut along the right edge of the ruler. For this second cut, the back side of the ruler is facing up. The ruler is marked with reverse printing, making the numbers easy to read from both sides.

Cutting quarter-square triangles from strips
Cutting quarter-square triangles from strips. Printed diagonal lines show what strip size to use to arrive at a desired finished size. To cut, align the notched corner of the ruler with the top edge of the fabric strip; then cut along both edges of the ruler (above left). To cut the next quarter-square triangle, rotate the ruler, align the left edge with the previous cut, and cut along the right edge (above right).

Here are a few of the quilts that Cathy Wierzbicki, inventor of the All-in-One Ruler, designed using this handy tool. Each design starts with nothing but strips! Find all of these patterns and more in Cathy’s eBook Twosey-Foursey Quilts.

Quilts from Twosey-Foursey Quilts
“Wild Goose Chase” (get the ePattern) and “Amish Sparklers” (get the ePattern)

Quilts from Twosey-Foursey Quilts
“Prairie Stars” (get the ePattern) and “Splash Dance” (get the ePattern)

Point trimmerOf all the things the All-in-One Ruler can do, trimming triangle points could be its best benefit. The blunt-edge trimmer lets you cut the points off triangles before you sew—and that’s the key to consistent accuracy, enabling you to match up triangles perfectly. Plus, no dog ears on your patchwork!

Here’s Cathy demonstrating the ruler in action:

Reading this in email? See the “All-in-One Ruler from Martingale” video at the Stitch This! blog or watch it on YouTube.

No need for a scatter of specialty rulers—this one does it all!

What’s the one quilting gadget you can’t live without? Name it in the comments!

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