Amazing Layered Patchwork technique: must see, sew easy! (+ video)

From Prairie LifeWhether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro when it comes to making quilts, we can all agree on one thing: we’d all love to have more time to make all the things!

Sometimes challenging techniques or even the sheer size of a quilt can make the finish line seem as far away as the year 3000. But Lynne Boster Hagmeier (of Kansas Troubles Quilters fame) has devised a way to skip tricky techniques and make big quilts quickly—it’s called Layered Patchwork.

From Cozy Quilts and Comforts
One of these quilts was made with traditional patchwork; the other with Layered Patchwork. Can you guess which is which?

We sat down with Lynne to learn the basics of her technique, which is featured in her books, Prairie Life (just released!) and Cozy Quilts and Comforts, as well as the book Moda Blockheads. Think you can master Layered Patchwork? We promise, you can—watch and you’ll see why:

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Whether you use Layered Patchwork with Prairie Life:

Building Blocks quilt
Building Blocks Layered Patchwork Lap Quilt

Cozy Quilts and Comforts:

Kaleidoscope quilt
Kaleidoscope Layered Patchwork Lap Quilt

Or Moda Blockheads:

Lynne's sampler quilt from Moda Blockheads
Moda Blockheads sampler (partly made with Layered Patchwork)

You’re sure to get to the finish line fast—and fall in love with what you create!

Cozy Quilts and Comforts Prairie Life Moda Blockheads

Which of your fabric cuts would you use in a Layered Patchwork quilt?

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  • My stash
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Tell us in the comments!

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