A girl finally becomes a quilter—thanks to YOU!

From Simple Quilts from Me and My Sister DesignsIn February, I shared my love-hate relationship with wanting to become a quilter. I told you how my first attempt went (spoiler alert: not so great) and how I was fearful of trying again—until authors Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson showed me a couple of techniques that made it seem so easy (you can see the techniques here).

In my previous post I asked you what you wish you’d known before you started quilting, and while many helpful tips and tricks were mentioned, one resounding sentiment was shared by most of you: “I wish I’d known how much I would love it!” you cried. “If I had known that, I would have taken the leap much, much sooner.”

This left such an impression on me (the same way Barb and Mary’s four-patch method did!) that I shared it with Karen Johnson, our director of sales and marketing. She asked what we were waiting for, and offered to sew with me on a couple of afternoons.

And guess what? With her help, I did it! I actually finished a quilted pillow from start to finish: cutting, pressing, and stitching; trimming, quilting, and binding. The verdict? It was a million times more successful than my first attempt, thanks to Karen’s help along the way, and I suddenly realized the quilting monster in the closet was not just imaginary, but was quite a friendly imaginary monster as well.

Here’s a photo of my first four-patch blocks using Barb and Mary’s method:

Sarah's first four-patch blocks

Not too shabby! Within a few hours I had my pillow top:


I’m beaming because I’m so happy I got this far! Check out my quilting and binding skills—I’m super proud of my results:


I’m so grateful to Barb and Mary for sharing their wonderful beginner-friendly tips with me, Karen for taking me under her wing, and to YOU for encouraging me to explore something I might love. You were right—I did love it! I’m eyeing this one for my next project, from Simple Quilts from Me & My Sister Designs:

From Simple Quilts from Me and My Sister Designs

Who taught you to quilt? Who could you teach to quilt? Tell us in the comments—then go plan a sewing day with them, stat! Simple Quilts from Me & My Sister Designs is a great place to start and will take beginners through all the basics.

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