9 quilts that sing of spring

It may not feel like it just yet, but spring is almost here! There are just 17 days until the first day of spring. Woohoo! 👏🌷☀

Soon, we’ll be able to go outdoors without dressing like Nanook of the North. Flowers and green grass will replace the now-dreary snow and slush. The gray skies will be turning blue. Birds will be singing. And we’ll be able to get our Vitamin D from the sky instead of the kitchen cupboard. It just can’t happen soon enough!

Sadly, Mother Nature doesn’t use a calendar so the shift will be gradual. 😔 We’ll just have to take it one day at a time. But thankfully your sewing room can reflect any season you like! Why not pull out some of your pretty springtime fabrics and create a beautiful quilt that will help get you through the transition?

If you’re looking for some great ideas, we have an assortment of inspiring, instantly downloadable patterns to get you on your way. On sale this week for just $1.99 each, what are you waiting for?

Birdhouses of Key West quilt
Birdhouses of Key West by Cynthia LeBlanc Regone

Iris Wool Table Runner
Iris Wool Table Runner by Julie Popa

Spring is Sprung quilt
Spring is Sprung by Julie Popa

Spring Bouquet Table Topper
Spring Bouquet Table Topper by Julie Popa

Double Pink Blooms quilt
Double Pink Blooms by Cynthia LeBlanc Regone

Fruit Basket quilt
Fruit Basket by Cheryl Brown

Gathered from the Garden quilt
Gathered from the Garden by Cindy Lammon

Spring Showers quilt
Spring Showers by Cynthia Tomaszewski

Mocha Stars quilt
Mocha Stars by Kim Diehl

How do YOU feel about the change of seasons?

a) Spring can’t get here soon enough!
b) I LIKE my wool socks!
c) I can go with the flow!

Tell us in the comments!





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