7 easy quilt patterns to whip up in a weekend

This week we’ve got some sweet little stocking stuffers for you—but you won’t need a stocking. The stocking is your computer, and YOU can be the Santa!

Right now you can grab seven of our most popular whip-up-in-a-weekend ePatterns. Instantly downloadable ePatterns mean you can start stitching right away, or tuck your pattern away until some “me” time is needed. (You’re granted permission to depart the holiday bustle for a few hours and sew!) These short-and-sweet designs are quickly makeable, easily giftable, and most definitely affordable. Choose your favorites and make time for some happy sewing this holiday season!

Christmas Ski Trip by Mary Hickey; finished quilt size: 60″ x 68″

Scrappy reds and off-whites make a cozy color combo for the holidays, but you could make this simple quilt in any two-color combination. The zigzags really pop! Choose colors to coordinate with a bedroom, a dorm room, or even a living room or den—then get ready to snuggle up.

Wings of a Dragonfly by Tammy Kelly; finished quilt size: 30¼" x 30¼"

This dreamy wall hanging/topper combines classic Snowball blocks with Bright Hopes blocks; the top can easily be sewn in an hour or two. Grab a light, a medium, and a dark fabric and off you go! (This is a great quilt for practicing your machine quilting on a small scale too.)

Dripping Diamonds by Sarah Bisel; finished quilt size: 61″ x 72½"

Once you know how to make these diamond-shaped blocks—with a slick strip-piecing technique—you’ll want to make this beauty again and again. Jelly Roll and stash friendly!

Vintage Star by Evelyn Sloppy; finished quilt size: 48˝ x 48˝

One-block quilts are addicting—a limited fabric palette, larger pieces of fabric, and only one BIG block to make means you can piece a quilt top in just a few hours with stunning results.

Griddle Cakes by Sarah Bisel; finished quilt size: 53½" x 79″

With a Layer Cake, you can make this striking and sizable quilt in an afternoon (10″ squares work perfectly too). Stack, cut, switch, and sew—you’ll love the technique and the gorgeous quilt that forms from it.

Triple Bear’s Paw by Evelyn Sloppy; finished quilt size: 54˝ x 54˝

Here’s another lovely one-block wonder that’s perfect for gifts, charities, wall hangings, toppers, baby quilts, lap quilts . . . you get the idea! Choose a two-color layout as shown above or go with a scrappy version like the one illustrated below. Make the quilt in multiples and stash them for “wow!” gifts throughout 2017.

Scrappy-style Triple Bear’s Paw

Pastel Pinwheels by Karen Costello Soltys; finished quilt size 16½" x 20½"

Stitch these pinwheels in subtle hues to get Karen’s romantic look. She used Japanese prints and hand-dyed pastel solids to create a topper or a wall quilt that would be equally at home in a modern environment or one with lots of vintage furnishings.

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