7 creative ways to hang a quilt on the wall

Quilts from Jo's Little FavoritesLarge, medium, or small: when it comes to quilts, we love them all! But when it comes to smaller quilts, what’s the best way to display them?

You can drape quilts over tables, chairs, and dressers; tuck them into baskets and shelves; and even fold and stack them in nooks and crannies throughout your home. But the most popular place to show off a small quilt? On the wall!

Today we’ve rounded up seven creative ways to hang a quilt on the wall, courtesy of popular Martingale authors. We think you’ll be inspired to clear a wall and show off your pretty patchwork before you reach the end of this post!

#1: “Frame” your quilt

Christmas Log Cabins - or Not quilt from Jo’s Little Favorites
An old window frame can act as a “frame” for any small quilt; simply hang the quilt on the wall behind the frame. Swap out quilts by season, change a few accessories, and you’ve got a simple display for small quilts year-round.
(Pattern: Christmas Log Cabins—or Not from Jo’s Little Favorites)

#2: Suspend with string

Stars and Stars quilt from Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels
This patriotic paper-pieced quilt by Laurie Simpson gets a farmhouse-style home—it’s suspended from an old rake head. So cute and clever!
(Pattern: Stars and Stars from Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels)

#3: Create a permanent vignette

Night Flight quilt from Jo’s Little Favorites
Create vignettes that allow you to easily change quilts and a few key decorations. This old painted door suits this idea perfectly—pin your quilt to the propped-up door and hang a filled basket on the doorknob. Easy to adapt to seasons and holidays all year long!
(Pattern: Night Flight from Jo’s Little Favorites)

#4: Create a collection

Quilts from Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels
It doesn’t have to be all quilts all the time! Add other favorite elements for texture and interest. Whether it’s framed photos, paintings, or a treasured platter, half the fun is in finding the objects to add to your mix. (Find patterns for the quilts above in
Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels)

#5: Embellish the view

Star Flowers and Berries from Jo’s Little Favorites
Do you have a small window without much of a view, or a frosted window where you don’t need the light to stream in? Hang a quilt over the window and improve the view! In this example, added topiaries mimic the shape of the appliqué design.
(Pattern: Star Flowers and Berries from Jo’s Little Favorites)

#6: Frame your quilt (for real this time!)

Itty-Bits and Little Bits of Charm quilts from A Cut Above
Your quilts are your art: why not frame them the way an art gallery would? Framing quilts also let you skip a finishing step: binding. Get a tutorial on quilt framing in this post
. (Patterns: Itty-Bits and Little Bits of Charm from A Cut Above)

#7: Make a new wall

Crazy Moose Messages quilt from Crazy at the Cabin
Out of wall space? Get creative and dream up a new “wall”! This cute moose quilt hangs from a railing on the second floor; pop safety pins into the back of the quilt, thread yarn or thin fabric strips through the safety pins, and tie to the railing.
(Pattern: Crazy Moose Messages from Crazy at the Cabin)

How many small quilts have you made—and do you display them on your walls? Tell us in the comments!






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