5 reasons to spruce up your sewing space

Does your sewing space inspire you?

From Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space

Or do messy fabric stacks, toppling tools, and piles of unfinished projects send your creative muse into hiding?

Clutter, inefficiency, and a simple lack of space can build barriers between us and our creative pursuits. But what if you had a guidebook at your side that could help you:

  • Get—and stay—organized and efficient?
  • Use your space more resourcefully?
  • Create more time to quilt?

Creating Your Perfect Quilting SpaceIn the bestseller Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space, professional organizer—and quilter—Lois L. Hallock offers dozens of ways to make your sewing space a place that will nurture your creativity. From simple strategies for taming your stash to grandiose sewing-room makeovers, you’ll find tips and tricks that will fit your time, space, and budget.

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space offers easy-to-implement ideas that will help you:

  1. SEE all of your fabric. Learn to fold your fabric uniformly—no matter what size or shape—so you can see your entire stash at a glance.
  2. FIND COMFORT in ergonomics especially for quilters (no more aching back from marathons at the sewing machine).
  3. RETHINK the location and function of your current space.
  4. DEVELOP habits that support short- and long-term efficiency and organization.
  5. MAXIMIZE your creative energy with ideas for layouts, lighting, and storage, plus options for sewing, cutting, and pressing stations.

Get a sneak peek at the eBook in these posts:


Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space Studio PlannerMake your dream quilting studio a reality with Lois’s book and her hands-on Studio Planner!

  • Arrange your perfect studio on paper with more than 40 cutouts representing cutting and sewing workstations, ironing boards, shelving, design walls, and more
  • Use the easy worksheet and graph paper to record measurements, reposition cutouts, and avoid snags like doors and electrical outlets
  • Get the Studio Planner for $12.95 $7.99.

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space Studio Planner
Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space Studio Planner

What’s the current state of your sewing space: comfy and clean, a bit cluttered, or completely chaotic? Tell us about it in the comments!


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