5 reasons to attend Quiltstock: a quilt retreat hosted by Martingale and Moda

Giddyup and let’s get going! Spend time doing what you love with people who love the same things as you. Ready or not, here it comes—and we’d hate for you to miss it. Still need a nudge to know whether or not to add your name to our must-not-miss Martingale and Moda Quiltstock retreat list? Read on!

1. Sit Back and Relax

The origination of the word “retreat” is Latin and translates to “pull back.” Quiltstock is a place to do just that—pull back from the demands of daily life and focus on doing what you love! Sit back, relax, and sew with like-minded enthusiasts.

2. Fire up the fun!

A change of location, a change of pace, and a change of people can free you up to just have fun. At Quiltstock, you can set up your sewing space once, and we’ll bring the teachers to you. What could be easier?

Speaking of fun . . . meet your Quiltstock guest instructors: Carrie Nelson, Lisa Bongean, Kathy Schmitz, and Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson of Me and My Sister Designs!

3. All play and no work!

Work commitments, family obligations, household chores—none of that follows you here! At Quiltstock, you’ve got permission to “retreat” from everyday duties so you can focus on you for a few days!

4. Fill in the blanks:

I’ve always wanted to go on a getaway retreat, but ____________ has gotten in the way. This time, I’m gonna make ME time and not let _____________ get in the way!

5. Find Your Tribe

Quilters are the kindest, most generous people on earth. We know this for a fact! And what’s more? With all of our differences, we share even more similarities. Come connect with other quilters who want to nurture their creativity, who value their quilting time, and who are looking for ways to connect with other quilters. If we just described you, guess what? We just described other quilters attending the retreat too! They can’t wait to meet you—come join in the fun!

Learn more details about—and sign up for—the Quiltsock retreat, sponsored by Martingale and Moda, at this link.

Space is limited. Don’t delay. You are worth it—we hope to see you there!

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