5 patriotic quilts you can make TODAY. . . and enjoy all summer long 🇺🇸

Wishing you had a patriotic quilt to display for the 4th of July? Start sorting your red, white, and blue fabrics—we’ve rounded up five quilts that you just might be able to finish today! Even if you start it now just for fun and finish it later, the little quilts below are perfect for popping the patriotic spirit into spaces around your home. Which quilt is your favorite?

Leo's Star quilt
Leo’s Star from
Oh Glory! Author Kathy Flowers made this small quilt as a tribute to her father. This quilt is so simple we’re thinking we could make it today and share it with family and friends at the 4th of July picnic tomorrow!

Anthem quilt
Anthem from
Simple Whatnots. Four little blocks, four little cornerstones, and a touch of teal makes this sweet tribute reminiscent of an antique.

American Crossroads quilt
American Crossroads from
A Prairie Journey. Super small (16½" × 16½") and super scrappy, this fun “anything-goes” quilt will bring a little splash of Independence Day to your home all summer long.

Ruby Rooster quilt
Ruby Rooster from
Quirky Little Quilts. Author Sheryl Johnson was inspired to make this quilt from a reproduction of an 1857 antique quilt. Scraps are the special sauce here!

Stars of Freedom quilt
Stars of Freedom from
Oh Glory! You can piece this little beauty by taking your own sweet time with English paper piecing, or you can sew it by machine. Up your quilting game by learning how to sew Y-seams!

What’s your favorite 4th of July tradition?

  • Fireworks!
  • Picnic!
  • Sewing! (Always my favorite way to celebrate!)

Tell us in the comments!

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