5 hot trends from Spring Quilt Market 2014

We searched every aisle of Spring Quilt Market (a wholesale show that quilt shop owners attend) to see what’s hot. Here are five top trends that you’ll soon see coming to quilt shops:

1. On fabric, in quilt designs, BUTTERFLIES were everywhere! They were most definitely the “special species.” You couldn’t flutter by a booth without seeing them, including our booth, where we featured Kristin Roylance’s “Butterfly Kisses” quilt from Cute Quilts for Kids. (A distant second were the perennial faves—woodland creatures.)

Butterfly Kisses quilt from Cute Quilts for Kids

Patchwork Loves Embroidery2. EMBROIDERY—You won’t have any trouble keeping yourself and your friends in stitches through spring. Whether it was the basic backstitch, the running stitch, or more elaborate textural embroidery stitches, you couldn’t miss seeing it in every aisle and on a variety of surfaces.

Need a go-to embroidery book to help you get started? Check out Gail Pan’s Patchwork Loves Embroidery, filled with a delightfully charming array of patterns.

3. Vendors were definitely warming up to WOOL again in a big way. We spotted more earthy, dark tones than brights and lights, but even so, there’s a hue for everyone. And while there were plenty of all-wool projects, we also spotted a trend of combining cotton and wool. Want to see what that might look like? Check out My Enchanted Garden by Gretchen Gibbons.

From My Enchanted Garden
Detail of Gretchen’s “My Enchanted Garden” quilt, which hung in our Quilt Market booth

Beyond Neutral4. Are you neutral on neutrals? You might not be when you start thinking of them in colorful new ways. The “New Neutral of the Market” award goes to…BLUE. That’s right. Blue was the new neutral in oh-so-many quilts on display. It’s said that blue is America’s favorite color, so why not adopt it into your decor?

Want to visualize what blue as a “neutral” might look like? John Q. Adams’s Beyond Neutral cover quilt tells the story well. (On the color front, they might not be trends yet, but a couple of oft-seen color combos: coral + blue and gray + mint.)

5. STRIPE IT RICH! Stripes continue to make a strong showing, but there were more complex stripes than we’ve seen before. Stripes made of colorful dots, measuring tapes as stripes…you get the picture. Make sure to stock up your stash with a few stripes. If you’re unsure how to incorporate them in a quilt, think about using them in bindings.

Discover three ways to use stripes to finish your quilts with Happy Endings, our best-selling book of finishing techniques for quilt edges.

Striped bindings from Happy Endings

Are you a trend-spotter too? What’s hot in your local quilt shop right now? We’d love to hear from you!

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