3 creative ways to display small quilts (video 🎬)

The switchable, swappable stitcheries in Gail Pan’s latest book, Changing Seasons, come with a clever twist. First, you make a background quilt. Then you make smaller quilts to display on the background quilt, like so:

From Changing Seasons

These interchangeable embroidery panels make it easy to replace one pretty piece for another to reflect the time of year, or to share sentiments. In short, you can choose the embroidered quilt you want to display depending on your mood that day. Here’s an example:

As the Seasons Change quilt
This background quilt highlights a summer stitchery.

Gail's seasonal embroidery panels
Other seasonal panels are waiting in the wings for their season to shine.

But how does Gail attach her smaller quilts to her background quilts? Gail uses three basic items: snaps, hook-and-bar closures, and Velcro. Watch how Gail uses these notions on her quilts in the video below:

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Gail’s banners in Changing Seasons are the perfect size for Ackfeld Wire hangers too. How cute!

Do More of What Makes You Happy banner
One of seven celebration banners you’ll find in
Changing Seasons

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How do you like to display small quilts in your home? Share your ideas in the comments!

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