What a neat trick! 💡 3-at-a-time Nine Patch blocks

From Civil War Legacies IIMaking Nine Patches from squares: easy.

Making Nine Patches from long strips: easier.

Making Nine Patches from long and short strips: easiest!

Fun fact: The term “Nine Patch” refers to the tried-and-true quilt-block pattern, but did you know it also refers to an entire category of blocks? Any block that has seams that divide units equally into nine sections falls into the Nine Patch category. There are hundreds of variations, perhaps even thousands . . . and that’s why Nine Patch blocks just may be the most-made quilt block of all time.

We were recently wowed by Vintage Legacies author Carol Hopkins and her fun trick for making three Nine Patch blocks at a time, all with the perfect amount of light squares and dark squares per block. Just wait until you see in the video below . . . this is clever!

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Now that you know the secret, you can create any one of Carol’s gorgeous Nine Patch quilts using the same technique:

Waterfalls quilt
Waterfalls from
Vintage Legacies

Small Joys quilt
Small Joys from
Civil War Legacies II

Edward's Quest quilt
Edward’s Quest from
Civil War Legacies

Vintage LegaciesAnd like Carol says, don’t forget to save those strip-pieced scraps—perfect for extra-scrappy Nine Patch blocks!

How do you typically piece Nine Patch blocks?

  • Square by square—oh-so scrappy!
  • I strip piece mine using long strips.
  • Just like Carol—it just doesn’t get any easier.
  • I’ve yet to make a Nine Patch block, but Carol’s how-to is on my to-do list!

Tell us in the comments—and happy patching!

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